Officers Meeting Minutes
American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IUPUI Chapter
(Board Meeting Minutes: Thursday March, 20th, 2008)
(4:30 PM, SL 067)

Present: Darrell Goodwin, Andrew Pierluissi, Trevor Ryan, Michael Quinones, Anthony Pierluissi, Dara Navaei, Matthew McLain, Matt Schieler, Justin Edwards
Absent: Jose Muñiz, Edgar Torres
· Meeting called to order at 4:47p.m. by President, Darrell Goodwin
The Minutes from the last meeting were approved.

  • Peer Tutoring (Dara Navaei):
    • The Program is receiving students regularly for studying.
    • Dara suggested to keep making flyers and sending emails throughout the semester.  Anthony suggested mentioning it counts as community service to Terri.  He also suggested that officers should be required to be tutors.  The idea was motioned my Darrell and accepted by the group.  Now officers serve as tutors.
    • Dr. Akay suggested that the Department could offer an Award (Financial & Recognition) for the most outstanding tutor.
  • Recruiting Report (Trever Ryan):
    • Trever mentioned having a service activity accredited to the ASME.
    • Dr. Akay suggested updating the bulletin boards.  He wants to put information there about the advantages of being part of the ASME.  Andrew Pierluissi suggested that the flyers should be updated regularly to show students that the Chapter is active and running.
    • Dr. Akay suggested having big posters to promote the ME Learning Center (SL009).  Andre suggested having a big sign signaling the ME Learning Center as well as a big sign for the ASME office.  Also having professors offer extra credit for attendees was mentioned by Dr. Akay.

**Trever Ryan had to leave the meeting.  Accepted by the president.**

  • Fundraising Report(Justin):
    • It was suggested to have a games day.  An idea was to let students pay to dump faculty members into a tank of water.  Dr. Akay accepted and thought it was a humorous idea.
    • Justin suggested asking for financial help from previous ASME members.  Dr. Akay encouraged the officers to talk to Courtney or Paula about it.
  • Social Chair Report (Mike Q.):
    • Mike suggested having the movie night in the SL165 just like last year.  He said it should happen 2 weeks from today.  ETSC will provide funding for the event.  The suggested date was April 10th at 8:00PM.  It was approved by the group.  The movie would be discussed later.
    • Mike also suggested having ASME commercials in Jag TV.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Jose Muniz):
    • The treasurer was not present.
    • Michael pointed out that Jose has a spreadsheet with the budget information.  He will present it in the next meeting.
    • The Department will help the ASME financially for any high profile activity with money from the department or possible sponsors.
    • Andrew F. Pierluissi suggested having sponsors to sponsor trips to the National Activities of the ASME.  Dr. Akay agreed.
    • Andrew suggested having an award offered by a sponsor to the most outstanding ASME member outside of the officers.
  • New Business:
    • The ETSC will give the ASME money to purchase office supplies.
    • Darrell mentioned it is not a big amount so he encouraged officers to use the supplies wisely.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.