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Fall 2008, Dr. Mullins

Everybody must sign up to present ANY ONE reading from this list.  All students will read the article, and one or tow students will present the material to the class.  The presenter is expected to produce an outline of their presentation that will be shared with class members and handed in to me. 

Since there are more students than readings, some individual readings have a presenter AND a discussant.  In those cases, the student named as a discussant will be responsible for leading the class discussion.  The first student will provide the summary.  Both students still need to provide an outline of a full presentation with potential discussion questions.

Please note that the line directly above the reading is the person who will be presenting that reading.  If you intended to volunteer for a different reading, let me know as soon as possible.

If you do not sign up in class for a reading, you can contact me via email to specify which readings you would like to present.  Please provide two or three readings in preferred order.

Contact me if you have any questions.

September 2-4

    Michael Bragiel                                                                 

Chadwick, "Introduction: Ole Massa's Dead, Long Live the King of Rock'n'Roll," in ISE

September 9-11

   Elizabeth Hoadley                                                   

Frith, "Rock and Mass Culture," Oncourse 

   Angelique Alexander                                                        

Hebdige, "Subculture: The unnatural break."

September 16-18

  Marcus Harshaw                                                                      

Hebdige, "Style as Intentional Communication"

  Amanda Dindiyal                                                                       

Frith, "Youth."

September 23-25

   Clare Smith        Nick Herring: Discussion                             

Reed, "Elvis as Southerner," in ISE

   Catey Giblin                                                                         

Pratt, "Elvis, or the Ironies of a Southern Identity"

September 30, October 2

   Ben Stout                                                                               

Sweeney, "The King of White Trash Culture: Elvis Presley and the Aesthetics of Excess," on Oncourse

  Shelbie Rose       Mike Howell: Discussion                         

Campbell, "Elvis Presley as Redneck," in ISE

October 7-9

   Mike Thompson    Sarah Kinsey: Discussion                     

Tucker, "Rethinking Elvis and the Rockabilly Moment," in ISE;

    Molly Dagon                                                                           

Adams, The Englishness of English Punk: Sex Pistols, Subcultures, and Nostalgia

   Brian Linebaugh                                                                          

Greene, "Planet of the Apes" in POTA.

October 14-16

    Mariah Carlisle       Stephanie Yarian: Discussion                      

Spencer, "A Revolutionary Sexual Persona: Elvis Presley and the White Acquiescence of Black Rhythms," in ISE

   Kara Peterson                                                                             

Greene, "Urban Riots and Ape Revolution" in POTA

October 21-23

   Nick Berghoff                                                                                

Frith, "Youth/Music/Television," on Oncourse

    Elizabeth Elliott                                                                             

Fraser and Brown, Media, Celebrities and Social Influence: Identification with Elvis Presley;

   Rich Cheek                                                                                      

Greene, "Ape has Killed Ape" in POTA

October 28-30

     Max Martin       Andrew Galligan: Discussion                              

Frith, "Rock and Sexuality," Oncourse

     Erica Romeo                                                                             

Duffett Caught in a Trap? Beyond Pop Theory's "Butch" Construction of Male Elvis Fans

November 4-6

    Justin Badger      Kelly Hart: Discussion                                     

Rodman, "Elvis Space" Oncourse

    Aaron Stenger                                                                            

Gregory and Gregory, "When Elvis Died: Enshrining a Legend," in ISE

November 11-13

    Katherine Austin       Ian Kistler: Discussion                              

Vikan, "Graceland as Locus Sanctus," Oncourse

    Nicholas Eve                                                                             

Duffett False Faith or False Comparison? A Critique of the Religious Interpretation of Elvis Fan Culture

November 18-20, November 26

    Josh Summerlot                                                                    

Marcus, "Still Dead: Elvis Presley without Music," Oncourse

    Angela Vinci-Booher                                                                                                 

Pattie, 4 Real: Authenticity, Performance, and Rock Music

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