Every student will present one reading to the class. Presenters should summarize the reading's main points, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and provide some initial ideas to guide the discussion. 

You will direct the class' discussion of the reading from the front of the classroom in a Powerpoint presentation.
your review should minimally be 10-15 minutes.  You should expect to have at least 5-10 slides, and you must end your discussion of the reading with at least three questions.
Anybody who does not complete the Powerpoint presentation will receive no credit for the assignment.

All students will be prepared to participate in class discussions of the readings, so the presenter's duty is to begin that discussion. Every presenter must provide me their powerpoint on the day of the presentation.

The line ABOVE the reading indicates the person who is presenting that reading: please do not get confused and prepare the wrong reading for class.

Email me if you have any questions.


            The line above the reading title is the reading you are volunteering to present.

February 1


February 8

    Angel Okray                                                                      


February 15


    Nathan Apperson                                                                            

February 22

   Dana Smessaert                                                                          Greg Hess                                                                               

February 29


  Jared Meunier                                                                                 

Prisoners in Paradise: Subcultural Resistance to the Marketization of Tattooing (Anders Bengtsson, Jacob Osterberg, and Dannie Kjedlgaard, Consumption, Markets and Culture 8(3):261-274 [2005]).Oncourse



   Rachelle Colyer                                                                                

An Ironic Fad: The Commodification and Consumption of Tattoos (Mary Kosut, Journal of Popular Culture 39(6):1035-1048 [2006]).


March 7

     Gloriel Palma                                                               

    Samantha Brocker                                                                        

March 21



March 28



April 4



Haggling Spoken Here: Gender, Class, and Style in US Garage Sale Bargaining (Gretchen M. Hermann, Journal of Popular Culture 38(1):55-81 [2004]).



   Stephen Floreck                                                                                

A Hard Rain: Children's Shrapnel Collections in the Second World War (Gabriel Moshenska, Journal of Material Culture 13(1):107-125 [2008]).

April 11

    Luke Long                                                                               Jeremy Lahey                                                                             

April 18

     Courtney Holland                                                                            Allison Duers                                                                         

April 25

     Chelsea North                                                                                                                                                                             

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