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Paul Mullins

Every student will present one reading to the class (i.e., not the whole week's readings, just one selection).  Presenters should summarize the reading's main points, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and provide some initial ideas to guide the discussion.  All students will be prepared to participate in class discussions of the readings, so the presenter's duty is to begin that discussion.  Every presenter must provide me a thorough outline of their presentation on the day of the presentation or lose half of their reading presentation credit.

Readings are assigned on a voluntary basis:  if you do not volunteer to present one of the readings by January 23, I will assign you to one at random that evening.  The line ABOVE the reading indicates the person who is presenting that reading:  please do not get confused and prepare the wrong reading for class.

Readings in the Contemporary Archaeology in Theory volume appear in the syllabus as CAT.  Readings in Reconstructing Archaeology appear as RA.  Readings in Ethnographic Archaeologies appear as EA.  Remaining readings are available electronically through either a direct link from this page or on Oncourse under the resources tab for the class.

Jan. 23

    Jasmine McClure                                                                                                 

     Jamie Box                                                                                               

Jan. 30

      Nicole Wittlief                                                                                                

      Jessica Adair                                                                                               

Feb. 6

       JohnDavid Kerner                                                                                               

        Adam Oswalt                                                                                              

Feb. 13

The Dilemmas of Objectivity and Hyper-Relativism

       Samantha Ludwig                                                                                               

      Donna Shepley                                                                                                

Feb. 20

      Ashlet Lewis                                                                                             

      Amanda Hundertmark                                                                                                

Feb. 27

      Christina Dury                                                                                                

       Samantha Bailey                                                                                               

March 5

         Erika Pride                                                                                            

         Anne Waxingmoon                                                                                            

March 19

      Amanda Joliffe                                                                                              

      Matthew Pike                                                                                           

March 26

       Tom Ryan                                                                                               

      Karin Williams   AND Alison Lynch                                                                                         

April 2

      Aaron Williamson AND Taylor Woodford                                                                                            

       Marsha Howlett                                                                                               


April 9

       Joel Marshall                                                                                               


April 16

         Caitlin Eggerton                                                                                             

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