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Every student will present one reading to the class. Presenters should summarize the reading's main points, assess its strengths and weaknesses, and provide some initial ideas to guide the discussion. All students will be prepared to participate in class discussions of the readings, so the presenter's duty is to begin that discussion. Every presenter must provide me a thorough outline of their presentation on the day of the presentation or lose half of their reading presentation credit.

Readings are assigned on a voluntary basis: if you do not volunteer to present one of the readings by January 15, I will assign you to one at random. The line ABOVE the reading indicates the person who is presenting that reading: please do not get confused and prepare the wrong reading for class.

All class readings are in the course's three textbooks; please do not confuse these course readings with the readings for the Journal Review Essay assignment.  Readings in Images of the Recent Past are indicated by IRP and the chapter author (e.g., Leone, IRP), readings in In Small Things Forgotten are indicated by chapter number, and readings in Places in Mind are indicated by author's name and the book title (e.g., Lucas, Places in Mind).

Email me if you have any questions.

Required texts:

Orser, Charles E. (editor)
1996 Images of the Recent Past: Readings in Historical Archaeology. Altamira Press, Walnut Creek, California. 

Deetz, James 
1996 In Small Things Forgotten: The Archeology of Early American Life. 2nd edition. Anchor Press, New York.  The earlier edition is not significantly different from the 1996 revision.

Paul A. Shackel and Erve J. Chambers, (editors)
2004 Places in Mind: Public Archaeology as Applied Anthropology.  Routledge, New York.

Jan 22



Jan 29

  Autumn Langley                                                          


  Allysia Schwartz                                                                                          

Feb 5




Feb 12



Feb 19

  Christina Riley                                                                                          

   Julia Jennings                                                                                         

  Ben Campbell                                                                                          

Feb 24



 Selina Massolini                                                                                           

March 5

   Lisa Watt                                                                         


  Cheryl Weersma                                                                                          

March 12

  Michael Essex                                                                                           

 Cindy Medley                                                                                           


March 26


   Collin Campbell-Maher                                                                                         


April 2

   Kady Elliott                                                                                           

    Colly Baker                                                                                        

April 9

   Traci Miller                                                                                         

    Drew Connor                                                                                        


April 14

 Athena Chaillaux                                                                                           

  Molly Dagon                                                                                          

April 23

  Stephanie Harris                                                                                          

   Mary Kamphaus                                                                                         

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