Will Americans live up to our ideals of liberty and justice for all,
or are we coming to the end of being the best who we can be?

What kind of society are we creating for our children and grandchildren?

Will We Once Again Reject the Politics of Hate?
Immigration Debate Tied to Rise in Hate Crimes
Keep ugliness out of immigration debate

America is a nation of immigrants!
Unless you are a full-blooded Native American, immigrants are a part of your biological heritage,
and immigrants are certainly a part of the social and cultural heritage of us all.
Will you help America live up to our ideals of all men are created equal
and freedom and justice for all?


What can I do to bring a more balanced and adaptive tone to the immigration debate, both towards other human beings and as a responsible member of our society?

Effective long-term solutions to any issue requires understanding the underlying causes of a problem, consideration of the human feelings that drive our own and others' actions, and seeking a balance that will have a positive outcome for all concerned.

We cannot just blindly accept common myths about immigrants. We must examine the issues and think critically about:

Public diplomacy begins with you
Ten Principles for Clear and Innovative Thinking about Immigration (PDF)

Two Things I Can Do To Promote Comprehensive Immigration Reform

1. Keep informed about immigration policy:

2. Contact your elected officials regularly and let them know that their constituents want balanced and beneficial immigration reform that meet American ideals and the long-term realities of global migration, not extreme and single-issue remedies:

One great strength we have as Americans is that we are a nation of immigrants. We can draw on our collective innovative thinking and practical experience of people from all over the human domain to gain insights into our challenges and into effective solutions that build our common good. Americans have done this throughout our history, and we can continue to do this now!

Thank you for helping build a better American that lives up to our ideals of justice, freedom, and democracy!

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