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The American Humanics (AH) Certificate in Nonprofit Management prepares the next generation of nonprofit leaders and the American Humanics Student Association supports students completing the certificate program.

The certificate program educates, prepares and certifies nonprofit professionals to strengthen and lead nonprofit organizations. Any IUPUI student is eligible to enroll in the American Humanics Certificate in Nonprofit Management.

Students in this program earn two certificates, the American Humanics Certificate and the School of Public and Environmental Affair's Nonprofit Management Certificate.

The American Humanics Certification program requires demonstrating a set of knowledge and skill competencies, completing a 300-hour internship, and attending the National AH Management Insitiute. Competencies are obtained through course work, professional workshops and retreats, the internship, and participation in the American Humanics Student Association.

Students interested in learning more about the certificate should contact Laura Littlepage at (317) 261-3061 or SPEA Student Services at (317) 274-4656.


Congratulations to Christy Gelback for recieving the William M. Plater Civic Engagement Medallion 2009.

American Humanics would like to recognize our Journey Members, Gillian Marks and Lori Quinn.

American Humanics would like to congratulate our graduating seniors: Virginia Babbitt, Christy Gelback, and Angela Kotarski.

American Humanics has been nominated as Small Student Organization of the Year 2009.