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           Each semester the Asian Law Students Association plans to invite and/or interview 1 – 2 leading legal experts to directly talk to members. Our members will have the opportunity to speak directly to the experts in a small group environment.


コミュニティーの構築 - March 23, 2011

By Yen-Chia Chen & Hiroo Suzuki

           人生とは時に予想していたものとは全く別の展開を見せるものです。ロイド・T・ウィルソン教授(インディアナ大学ロースクール・インディアナポリス校教授)にとっても、それは同じでした。「法律に興味を持ち始める前、私がなりたかったのは英文学の教授だった。」ウィルソン教授は学生時代に英文学を専攻し、ワバシュ大学で学位、デューク大学で修士号を取得しました。しかし、当時の文系の新卒学生は、今と同じように就職氷河期を迎えていたのです。一方で、ロースクール卒業生の就職は非常に好調でした。 ...more


社群营建 - March 16, 2011

By Yen-Chia Chen, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

           人生的发展,有时不免异于我们原所规划。这不仅见诸于你我身上,也发生在Indiana大学法学院Indianapolis分校的法学教授Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr.的生命当中。「在我对法律曾有过任何一丝想法之前,」Wilson教授说,「我原本想成为一名英语文学教授。」是以在Wilson教授的人生早期阶段中,他最初是学习英语文学。他先在Wabash College获得文学学士学位,后复于Duke大学取得文学硕士学位。然而,「当时的人文学科毕业生们,正面对着有如今日法学院毕业生们在就业市场中所面对的艰难困境。」 ...more


社群營建 - March 14, 2011

By Yen-Chia Chen, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

         人生的發展,有時不免異於我們原所規劃。這不僅見諸於你我身上,也發生在Indiana大學法學院Indianapolis分校的法學教授Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr.的生命當中。「在我對法律曾有過任何一絲想法之前,」Wilson教授說,「我原本想成為一名英語文學教授。」是以在Wilson教授的人生早期階段中,他最初是學習英語文學。他先在Wabash College獲得文學學士學位,後復於Duke大學取得文學碩士學位。然而,「當時的人文學科畢業生們,正面對著有如今日法學院畢業生們在就業市場中所面對的艱難困境。」Wilson教授言 ...more


Community-Building - March 8, 2011

By Yen-Chia Chen, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

           Life sometimes turns out different than we planned.  It happens to you and me, and it also happened to Lloyd T. Wilson, Jr., who is currently a Professor of Law at Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis.  “Before I ever gave any thought to law,” Professor Wilson said, “my goal was to be an English professor.”  So in the early stage of his life, he studied literature and received a B.A. from Wabash College and an M.A. from Duke University.  However, “graduates in the humanities at that time were experiencing a job market much like that faced by law graduates ...more


“The World Needs People to Do Good Things” - September 30, 2010

By Malika Loehrlien, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

           Fran Quigley is a visiting professor of law at the Indiana University School of Law – Indianapolis. In addition to teaching, he has been very involved with public interest works. For example, he co-founded the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret (LACE), a human rights law clinic devoted to representing HIV-positive individuals in western Kenya. He has also served as an executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Indiana, and is currently a staff attorney at Indiana Legal Services (ILS). Additionally, he is a journalist and writes a bi-weekly column for the ...more


International Law and the “War on Terror” - Bad Guys Make Bad Law - September 30, 2010

           Please join us for a lecture presented by Professor Fran Quigley titled “International Law and the ‘War on Terror’” on Wednesday, October 6 at 4:30 p.m. in room 375. As the title suggests, the talk will highlight the issues surrounding efforts to combat terrorism as they relate to international law. The lecture should last an hour and we will reserve time for Q&A. Professor Quigley is a visiting professor of law, teaching Family Law and helping build the law school's new relationship with Moi University School of Law in Eldoret, Kenya. Professor Quigley is also ...more



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