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Project Meet Your Future


           Project Meet Your Future aims to invite lawyers who have recently begun to practice law to visit our school and talk with students. These lawyers will share with Asian Law Students Association members their experiences concerning a range of topics such as: their lives after graduation, their entry into their legal careers, their experiences while still in school, how they chose their career paths and why. The format of this series of events will be held in either of two following formats: 1) lecture or 2) panel discussion.


Adjudication, Litigation and the Law - October 26, 2010

           The Asian Law Students Association (ALSA) is pleased to invite everyone to join us for a panel discussion presented by Mr. Nicholas Blesch, Mr. Matthew Butcher and Mr. Jason Flora titled “Adjudication, Litigation and the Law” on Thursday, October 28 at 4:30 p.m. in room 300. Mr. Blesch is an administrative law judge for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, and the various focuses and background in administrative law drew him to choose to focus on administrative law; Mr. Butcher concentrates his practice on insurance defense litigation and ...more


Networking - October 21, 2010

By Alix Lei Vollmer, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

           Nicholas Blesch is an administrative law judge for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. He started practicing law after graduating from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He chose to focus on administrative law because, “although there is room for interpretation, the law really speaks for itself.” Nicholas has stated that he found there was more focus and background in administrative law than in other fields, which drew him to it. Nicholas’ favorite part about being a judge for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development is the people he is able to work with ...more


“Find Something That You Enjoy” - October 20, 2010

By Yen-Chia Chen, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

           Litigation has been a perfect career choice for Matthew Gregory Butcher, a young lawyer who is practicing in Indianapolis, Indiana. Matt started practicing law after graduating from Indiana University Maurer School of Law in 2008. In 2009, Matt joined Leeuw Oberlies & Campbell, P.C., where he concentrates on insurance defense litigation. “I have only been practicing for a few years,” said Matt, “but I already feel like I am headed in the right direction.” After practicing for a few years, Matt has found that he really enjoys his work as a lawyer: “I always get caught up in the story of ...more


Attorney Describes Immigration Practice and Development of Clientele - October 19, 2010

By Jeremy Robert Parker, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki

           ALSA Executive Board members Hiroo Suzuki and Jeremy Parker interviewed attorney Jason Flora at his office in downtown Indianapolis on September 30, 2010. Mr. Flora, a graduate of Indiana School of Law – Indianapolis, practices primarily with Hispanic clients in criminal defense, immigration matters, personal injury, bankruptcy and family law. Our interview focused primarily on his creation of a client base within the Hispanic community, representation of clients in immigration matters, and advice to prospective lawyers who want to open a full services law firm. To build a client ...more



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