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International Law and the “War on Terror”

- Bad Guys Make Bad Law -

October 6, 2010


            Please join us for a lecture presented by Professor Fran Quigley titled “International Law and the 'War on Terror': Bad Guys Make Bad Law” on Wednesday, October 6 at 4:30 p.m. in room 375.  As the title suggests, the talk will highlight the issues surrounding efforts to combat terrorism as they relate to international law.  The lecture should last an hour and we will reserve time for Q&A.  Food will be provided.

            Professor Quigley is a visiting professor of law, teaching Family Law and helping build the law school's new relationship with Moi University School of Law in Eldoret, Kenya. Professor Quigley is also associate director of the Indiana-Kenya Partnership/AMPATH, and a staff attorney at Indiana Legal Services. He is a co-founder of the Legal Aid Centre of Eldoret (LACE), a human rights law clinic devoted to representing HIV-positive individuals in western Kenya.

            Professor Quigley is the author of several academic journal articles on social justice and human rights and writes a bi-weekly column for The Indianapolis Star. He has also served as the executive director of American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and as a public defender and civil rights attorney.


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