By Alix Lei Vollmer *, Photos by Hiroo Suzuki **

October 21, 2010


            Nicholas Blesch is an administrative law judge for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. He started practicing law after graduating from Indiana University Maurer School of Law. He chose to focus on administrative law because, “although there is room for interpretation, the law really speaks for itself.” Nicholas has stated that he found there was more focus and background in administrative law than in other fields, which drew him to it.   

            Nicholas’ favorite part about being a judge for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development is the people he is able to work with and the hours he works. He stressed that many lawyers from the larger firms work continuously but that he prefers a 40 hour workweek. Nicholas spoke of how important it was to him to balance work and his personal life, which working for the state has allowed.



            The best advice Nicholas can give to law students is to network. He worked the summer after his first year of law school for the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and believes it helped when he ultimately interviewed for a job because he knew many of the people working there. Nicholas shared the story about another job he interviewed for which, ultimately, went to an IU-Indianapolis Law School graduate who had interned there for three years. Although Nicholas stresses that the other lawyer deserved the job, he does believe that that personal connection tipped the balance in their favor.

            Nicholas also says that, if he could go back to law school, he would have networked much more than he did. Students in Indianapolis have many legal opportunities open to them. Nicholas mentioned emails regarding events that he missed because he did not want to make the drive, and said he should have gone simply to meet people and network. He makes the point that, being in Indianapolis, Indiana University-Indianapolis law students are close to government agencies and a multitude of law. He suggest the law students get involved with Young Lawyers, attend Indianapolis Bar events, and socialize with as many people in the field as you can. Nicholas stresses the importance of introducing yourselves to lawyers as you will likely not only gain knowledge from speaking with them, but also possibly gain a great contact to help you further down the road.



* Alix Lei Vollmer is the Public Relations Chair of the Asian Law Students Association.

** Hiroo Suzuki is the IT-in-Chief of the Asian Law Students Association.


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