Apr 09

InSLA Membership Opportunity!!

Current SLIS Students,

Please read on for an exciting opportunity to get a free one-year membership to the Special Libraries Association, provided by the Indiana Chapter of SLA (InSLA)!  Applications are due by April 30th.  See full eligibility requirements and application details below.

Good luck!

InSLA Student Membership Award

The Indiana Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (InSLA) would like to make available two awards to students of the School of Library and Information Studies (SLIS), Indianapolis.  Each award will cover the cost of a one-year student membership in SLA, currently $40 per year.

InSLA is offering these awards to promote SLA/InSLA and to support students interested in the library field.  InSLA is hoping to provide networking and educational opportunities for these new members, through our association meetings and activities.

According to SLA:

·         Student Member status is available to applicants enrolled in a curriculum of library or information science at least part time (two or more courses).

·         This category of membership is available to those joining the association for the first time.

·         This category of membership is also available to current members renewing their membership after enrolling in an appropriate academic program.

·         Student membership may be maintained only while actively a student, but for no more than three years.

·         Appropriate verification of student status is required.

·         A Student Member shall have the right to vote, to hold any association or unit elective or appointive position, to affiliate with one Chapter (the Indiana Chapter) and one Division without payment of additional fee, and to receive the official journal at no additional charge.

InSLA will make the membership awards through the following process:

·         Applicants must be able to satisfy the national level requirements for student membership as stated above.

·         Applicants will write an essay of 300-400 words on the topic of “My goals in librarianship and how a student membership in SLA will help to achieve these goals.”

·         Applicants will e-mail their essay to the attention of the InSLA Membership Chair, Marsha Hippensteel, at mhippensteel@doz.net by 5 p.m. April 30th, 2013.

·         The InSLA Board will review the applications and select two winners.

·         The award recipients will be notified by e-mail of the award.

·         Once the award recipients have completed their membership application to SLA and verification of membership is available from the national office, the InSLA Board will reimburse each student by check for their membership cost.

For questions regarding the award or the application process, please contact Marsha or Valerie Cortelyou, InSLA President, at vcortelyou@indy.rr.com



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