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ACPL Library Camp


ACPL Library Camp 2011

ACPL Library Camp 2011

ACPL Library Camp will take place at the Allen County Public Library Main Library in Fort Wayne, Indiana on Friday, September 16, 2011.  This UN-conference will feature guest speakers, presentation opportunities for you, and a plan-as-we-go format of breakout sessions in the afternoon.   If you’ve never been to an UN-conference before, it’s a great way to learn what you want to learn while networking with other librarians!

ACPL Library Camp is open to librarians, teachers, front line staff, technical staff, students and faculty.  It is open (and free to register) for anyone who is interested in library service and technology.   For more information, please see our wiki about ACPL Library Camp 2011: http://acpllibrarycamp.pbworks.com/w/page/1337189/ACPL-Library-Camp

 To register for this event, please email: dnoggle@acpl.info


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