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Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Associate Faculty Coalition

We open doors.
And we keep the doors open.

The mission of the Associate Faculty Coalition is to gain visibility and respect and to improve working conditions for part-time faculty at IUPUI.

The Coalition is working to support and foster a culture of mutual respect and collaboration among Associate Faculty and full-time faculty, staff, and administrators to adhere to the standards and values emphasized in the IUPUI mission statement, and to provide the highest quality education for our students.

The AFC Teach-In is a yearly event to raise awareness about adjunct faculy issues.

"Silence, Solidarity, and Service"

-Silence: Teach a class without speaking to represent adjuncts' lack of voice in university governance.

- Solidarity: Part-time faculty, full-time faculty, students and staff gathered for a group photo in Democracy Plaza, showcasing the support of equality for all faculty and staff on this campus.



-Service: Despite receiving low pay, many part-time faculty volunteer to serve IUPUI and the community. To highlight the commitment to teaching and learning, part-time faculty and others participated in the Cesar Chavez Day of Service.




Part-time Faculty. Full-time Impact.

Goals of the AFC

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