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Keep Updated with the Superbowl Host Committee:

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: This site will be updated as additional questions come to our attention. Please revisit this site regularly. For any questions not addressed here, please contact

About the Game and IUPUI

When is the game?

Sunday, February 5, 2012.

When will festivities begin?

Monday, January 30, 2012 through Monday, February 6, 2012. We anticipate the week leading up to the Super Bowl to be full of city wide events!

How can I get involved in Super Bowl XLVI?

Visit the web site for the Indianapolis Host Committee for Super Bowl XLVI for information about public events, activities, the NFL Experience, and opportunities during the Super Bowl.

All IUPUI faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to be good Indianapolis citizens for the many visitors coming to our city. The School of Physical Education and Tourism Management has partnered with other local groups to offer the Super Service Training program. This program will be available in fall 2011 and will be free for anyone who is interested. More information on the Super Service Training program can be found at

Click here to join the Komen Tissue Bank's interested donor list to receive up to date information about future tissue donation dates, including the Super Tissue Collection on January 28-29, 2012 at the IU Simon Cancer Center.

What can student organizations do to show their support for the Super Bowl?

Indianapolis is the host city for Super Bowl XLVI and although the campus is proud to be a community partner, the National Football League has restrictions on what can be done in connection with the event. Any questions about how student organizations can participate with the Super Bowl should be directed to Andrea Anderson at or (317) 278-3365.

Parking and Transportation

Will I have a place to park?

Parking & Transportation Services has analyzed traffic patterns and course offerings the weekend before and the weekend of the Super Bowl. We believe that we have plenty of campus parking for students, faculty and staff on Saturday, January 28 and Sunday, January 29 and on Friday, February 3, Saturday, February 4 and Sunday, February 5.

Why is IUPUI selling parking spaces?

It is not unusual for Parking Services to enter into agreements for the use of our parking for community events. Parking services closely monitors the demand for parking on campus and we are confident that there will be room for all interested students, faculty and staff to park on campus on the days that certain lots are being used for Super Bowl visitors.

How will the money be used?

First and foremost any proceeds from the sale of parking spaces will be used to cover costs associated with safety and transportation during the week of the Super Bowl; additional revenue will be directed toward campus facility and public safety priorities on campus.

Is there a shuttle service between IUPUI and downtown during the week of the Super Bowl?

Yes a shuttle will run between Saturday, Jan. 28 and Saturday, Feb. 4. See the Parking and Transportation page for more information.

Impact on IUPUI

Will IUPUI classes be affected during the weekend of the Super Bowl?

The IUPUI Office of the Registrar is the authoritative source for information about class schedules. Students and faculty are encouraged to check the Registrar's page on closings, Academic Unit Class & Office Plans, for information and updates about scheduled classes during the weekend of the Super Bowl.

What is happening at University Place Conference Center & Hotel during the Super Bowl?

The four-star University Place Hotel on our campus will host the American Football Conference (AFC) championship team for the Super Bowl. During this time no hotel rooms will be open to the public. The Conference Center will be closed to the public during Super Bowl week, and Blake Street between Michigan and North Streets will be closed.

How will Super Bowl XLVI impact IUPUI?

As the Indianapolis Super Bowl Host Committee prepares to host Super Bowl XLVI on February 5, 2012, the entire city of Indianapolis is getting prepared. With Lucas Oil Stadium just a mile from the IUPUI campus, we expect approximately 150,000 visitors and much excitement in our vicinity in the days leading up to and including the Big Game. Students, faculty, and staff are already engaged in a number of activities in preparation for and anticipation of the Super Bowl, as community members who are deeply involved in Central Indiana and the development of this region. Watch this site as it grows to see how IUPUI engages with the community for teaching, learning, civic engagement, and volunteer action leading up to and extending beyond the Big Game!

Will IUPUI food services (campus dining and catering) be affected by the Super Bowl?

IUPUI Food Service expects campus dining to maintain normal operating hours following the campus calendar during the days prior to and including the Super Bowl. IUPUI Food Service is the exclusive caterer for all campus buildings.

Who do I contact to reserve event space during the Super Bowl?

Inquiries for event space for activities during the week preceding the Super Bowl and the day of the game itself should be directed to Maggie McGaughey at

IUPUI Employees

Staff in my unit may have difficulty working on campus due to Super Bowl activities. What alternate work arrangement options do I have?

If all campus buildings remain open, staff employees should plan on working at their usual work location. However if it becomes impossible to work at their usual work site, the following options are available pending supervisor approval. While supervisors can provide flexibility, not all options will be available to all employees depending upon the nature of the job responsibilities;

  • Flex start/stop times to avoid periods of heavy traffic/activity
  • Compressed work week, i.e. , four 10-hour days, three 12-hour days and one 4-hour day
  • Work from an alternate location (another campus location or home)
  • Work a different schedule within the same work week, e.g., Sunday-Thursday rather than Monday-Friday

Keep in mind that any adjustments to work schedules for nonexempt (overtime eligible) employees must be done in the same work week. Also, appointed support and service staff are eligible for shift differential if more than six consecutive hours are worked between 3:00 pm and 8:00 am, and they are eligible for Sunday premium for hours worked on Sunday.

Communicate with your supervisor for work plans during Super Bowl. If you have questions, feel free to contact Human Resources at or (317) 274-7617.

Many of my staff have never worked from home. How do I set up telecommuting arrangements?

A wealth of information for ongoing alternate work arrangements can be found at: Abbreviated telecommuting guidelines for short-term arrangements such as the normal work location being impacted by the Super Bowl activities can be found at:

How do I respond to staff who do not want to accept an alternate work assignment or location?

If an alternative work assignment or location is available and a staff member chooses not to accept it, the time away from work must be covered with accrued paid-time-off hours or, if paid-time-off hours are exhausted, the time away would be without pay. The absence would be without pay and with paid-time-off accruals.

If staff are not restricted from working due to the Super Bowl activities, but they do not want to work due to heavy traffic, scarce parking, or other difficulties, what options are available for them?

Staff who do not want to work may request to take vacation/PTO; however, supervisors are not required to approve time off requests if the department is short on staff. If the time off is approved and vacation/PTO hours are exhausted, the absence will be without pay and without paid-time-off accruals.

Does my supervisor have to approve my request to telecommute if I don't want to be on campus during the Super Bowl activities?

Supervisory approval is necessary to work from home, but not all requests to telecommute can be approved. Not every position is suited for telecommuting due to specific job duties that cannot be performed at home or operating requirements of the unit.

Can my supervisor schedule me to work hours or shifts that I normally do not work?

Yes, you may be asked to work different hours than normal, especially if the Super Bowl activities impact your normal work location. Advance notice will be provided whenever possible.

As a faculty member, what can I do to prepare my curricula and schedules for Spring semester?

A message to the faculty from Uday Sukhatme, Executive Vice Chancellor and Dean of the Faculties, on 11/3/2011 outlined a number of suggestions for preparing for Spring semester classes:

  • You may wish to cancel the face-to-face class on Monday morning, February 6, and make arrangements to cover the missed material at other times during the semester.
  • If you decide not to cancel classes, please do not schedule any class exams, quizzes or other activities which are used to determine the course grade. Take home exams and homework assignments are fine.
  • You have the option of using technology to deliver the Monday class in order to avoid having students come to campus. To assist you, the Center for Teaching and Learning, in partnership with the new UITS Collaboration Technologies team, will develop a series of workshops designed to introduce faculty to the variety of technology options available for conducting classes online. Workshop topics will likely include:
    • Holding real-time online class sessions with web-conferencing software
    • Creating and publishing narrated PowerPoint lectures
    • Online alternatives for submitting course work
    • Online communication methods for courses
    • Creating and posting an online video or lecture for your class
    These workshops—to be held at the end of November/early December—will be geared toward users who are new to tools and methods for delivering online course content. Focusing on the easiest and most efficient way to publish content online, the workshops will be delivered using the various collaboration technologies supported by IU. Individual consultations can also be arranged with CTL consultants for faculty. More workshops will be offered in early January to help faculty finalize plans for holding classes online should they choose that option.

What other assistance is available to faculty who wish to deliver course content online?

Faculty may also want to visit the UITS site for more information on how to best adapt their face-to-face classes for online delivery. For additional assistance, please also refer to the Center for Teaching and Learning website for information on upcoming workshops and/or to schedule a consultation.