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Blog Posts

Last week

August 14, 2009 — It is now my last week of the internship. Tomorrow will be my last day. I am now feeling the reality of the fact that the conclusion of this position is imminent. It will be odd to not have to wake up early and put on some dress clothes. I also won’t be eating breakfast anymore because I will now be asleep at that hour. I will miss the hard work and ability to continually improve my skills. Tomorrow I will give my last presentation, a Team Session, which was developed to give new applicants the necessary tools to have an advantage when applying at in the State Government. After that my boss said that he wanted to have a goodbye lunch with some of our colleagues. Oh, and just yesterday I went to the Indiana Department of Transportation and drug tested some of their employees. It was for insurance purposes, checking to see if nicotine was present in their system. The State certified me last week.  Full story

Change of Pace

August 6, 2009 — Hey everybody. Today is Thursday. Today I have a little bit more of a relaxed schedule than the last couple of days. Tuesday I met with the Lt. Governor in her office. She was very kind and supportive of me and my future. We discussed some interesting topics and just simply enjoyed ourselves. I think that we now have a good, professional relationship. Later that day my fellow intern and I informally presented our Wednesday presentation to our supervisor. He liked it, so we stuck with our plan and prepared. On Wednesday we presented the material in PowerPoint to a full room of directors appointed by the governor, supervisors, employees, and others. It was scary, but we succeeded. Our material included statistics, math equations, graphs, definitions, etc. They were the results from our survey analysis project that we had been compiling data for during the last month. By the end of the presentation, we were complimented and received constructive feedback.   Full story

Getting your foot in the door

July 27, 2009 — Hello. Things are going good over here,. It’s a Monday so its time to start up my week. I did enjoy relaxing this weekend. While driving I saw an amazing BMW for sale and I thought to myself, “Oh I wish I could have that.” I was kind of excited when I thought of the fact that when I graduate, I will eventually be able to get it, God willing. I know that with an education and a good job come many advantages including nice cars. Sometimes my mind can be limitless with my dreams and desires.   Full story

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