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Blog Posts

McNair Summer Camp Program in Ohio

July 1, 2009 — Yesterday I went to The Ohio State University and it was a very nice experience. I was going for the 2009 McNair Summer Camp Program. They have one of the biggest campuses in the nation if not THE biggest. First, we had a nice continental breakfast to start it off and had a nice panel of current graduate students share their experiences. Then we went to talk to  a lady by the name of Joyce Steffan, who is the Assistant Director for Outreach and Recruitment Graduate and Professional Admissions, and she gave us some great information about campus and all the different programs they have. After that we had lunch, then went on a mini campus was a good day.  Full story

Something great in the making

June 29, 2009 — Today, I met with my group members on my MURI team and we had a pretty busy day. We were busy messing with the program called Adobe Connect. This program is almost like a virtual classroom for online learning. The main goal or objective of or task was to figure out how to structure the classroom to where you can have your teams to be able to communicate with each other and your peer leader effectively. Tomorrow, I am going to get some video footage and pictures. This is a very complex issue when taking something that was originally done for the classroom and taking it to the online model but I think this will be something great in the making for online learning. We call it Cyber PLTL!  Full story

Peer Led Team Learning

June 15, 2009 — We are a couple weeks into our program and it is going really well. I have met with my team and everyone is really focused and ready to go. My research subject is: PLTL (Peer Led Team Learning). To be short, PLTL is a different and effective way for students to learn, and for teachers to facilitate without having just a traditional lecture environment. PLTL is primarly focused on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects. This type of learning  encourges students and professors to work more together and elievate pressure from students to ask questions. My project primarly focuses on a online version of the PLTL model. I will be in an actual session workshop and I will video it so you can see exactly what it is.    Full story

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