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The Jungle

Spirit : The Jungle

Fans pack The Jungle
Fans pack "The Jungle".

Welcome to the Jungle

"The Jungle" has been the official name for the home of Menís and Womenís Basketball and Volleyball for 10 years. Both sports have experienced great success while playing here, including the menís basketball team holding one of the longest home winning streaks in the nation during the 2005-2006 season, and the womenís volleyball team having one of its best home court winning percentages ever during the 2003-2004 campaign. The make-up of The Jungle provides the fan an up close look at all the action, and gives them each a sense of being part of the game.

The Red Zone
The Red Zone

The Red Zone

The students have spoken, and "The Red Zone" is now the official name of the new IUPUI Student Section! Students and fans can be excited about the addition of The Red Zone, as it gives them the chance to show their support and love for their Jaguars. Whether itís cheering on the womenís volleyball team, or pumping up the menís and womenís basketball teams to victory, The Red Zone is now The Jungleís place for pride and spirit to shine at its brightest! So when you experience the ďSea of RedĒ at your next IUPUI game, know that itís The Red Zone rooting on their Jaguars to their next Summit League Championship!