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Jinx, Suzanne, and Jawz

People and Groups : Jinx and Jawz the Jaguars

IUPUI Mascots Jinx and Jawz the Jaguars
Jawz (left) and Jinx, the Jaguars, are the official mascots of IUPUI.

Jinx the Jaguar has been representing IUPUI since 1998 when the Jaguars began playing in the NCAA's Division I Athletics. While he carried all of the weight of promoting IUPUI for the first eight years, Jinx's long lost cousin came in to help spread Jaguar Fever in 2006. Since then Jinx has concentrated his efforts on community involvement, scholastic endeavors and endearing young kids everywhere to the Jaguars of IUPUI.

Jawz is the perfect personification of IUPUI athletics — He is powerful, swift and confident. He's seen most often times courtside at Jaguars athletics events. Jawz reflects best the urban energy and spirit of our institution.

An elementary school in California now has a mascot due to IUPUI's generosity.

Shared Spirit

Justin Elementary School needed a Jaguar mascot. They sent out a call, and IUPUI answered. Read more here.

Inflatable Jinx stands next to an IUPUI table at a special event
Inflatable Jinx towers over an IUPUI table at a special event.

Inflatable Jinx

This Jinx makes appearances at special events on campus and around Central Indiana. Standing at over 20 feet tall, inflatable Jinx is a good indication that something fun is happening. Be sure to check Jinx out when you see him towering over everything else at an event — you can often find IUPUI freebies, apparel, and other fun Jaguars goodies nearby!

Chancellor Gerald Bepko helped bring Jinx to the IUPUI campus in 1998.


Jinx became IUPUI's official mascot in 1998, coinciding with the campus's move to NCAA Division I.

Voters drawn from students, staff, faculty, alumni and friends of the university chose the nickname Jaguars. In the first round of nominations, the original nickname - the Metros - remained, along with such oddities as River Rats. The final ballot included such choices as City Cats, River Hawks, Indy Wolves, Indy Cats, City Hawks, Metro Hawks, Metro Cats, Indy Hawks and Circle Cats.
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