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History : The Sagamore

A student reading the Sagamore

IUPUI's award-winning student newspaper, The Sagamore, is a part of the IU School of Journalism and offers journalism students hands-on experience covering IUPUI campus life and creating a publication serving the needs of students attending an urban university.

The newspaper, born in 1971, is published weekly during the academic year. In recent years, it has grown to feature an online edition and is now affiliated with JagRadio, a web-based radio station targeting IUPUI students.

A student reading the Sagamore, 1977 A student reads a 1977 Sagamore
The Sagamore was created to replace separate student newspapers that served IU's and Purdue's individual Indianapolis-based programs. The Onomatopoeia was the student publication on the various IU program sites throughout Indianapolis, while the Purdue programs — based on the 38th Street campus — were covered by the Component.

The Sagamore's ancestors made their homes in less than auspicious surroundings. The Onomatopoeia was a weekly newspaper whose "office" was in a booth in a student hangout in the Administration Building known as Alvarez's Café, while the Component was produced monthly in a professor's office in the Krannert Building on the 38th Street site.

Throughout its 35-year history, The Sagamore has regulary earned awards on both state and national stages against student newspapers from campuses similar to IUPUI's.

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