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Pride : Facts

Our people

  • IUPUI has more than 7,000 full- and part-time faculty and staff to serve more than 30,000 students. More than one in four students are graduate students, and IUPUI's 2009-10 enrollment included students from all 50 states and 135 countries.
  • IUPUI-based schools and programs have produced more than 130,000 living alumni; nearly 83,000 live in Indiana and more than 59,000 live in the Indianapolis region.
  • The impact of IUPUI's schools is felt daily throughout the state. Approximately 85 percent of Indiana's dentists were trained at the School of Dentistry. More than half of Indiana's physicians come from the School of Medicine. Nearly half of the state's lawyers attended the School of Law here. More than one-third of Indiana's nurses come from the School of Nursing. And a significant percentage of health and rehabilitation sciences professionals and social work professionals come from the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and School of Social Work, respectively.

Our campus

Aerial photograph of the campus from the west The IUPUI campus from the northwest. Fall Creek can be seen in the left of the photo, White River on the right edge.
  • IUPUI's campus and other holdings cover 512 acres in downtown Indianapolis, most of it located between Indiana Avenue and 10th Street on the north, the White River on the west, West Street on the east and New York Street on the south.
  • More than 1,000 IUPUI students live in on-campus housing, including our Campus Apartments on the Riverwalk and Ball Residence Hall. We offer special housing options in the Riverwalk apartments, including housing for international students, women in science, honors students and more.

Innovation & Inventions

Creativity and innovation are no strangers to the IUPUI campus. Its rich history in the various fields of health care medicine, dentistry, nursing are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to contributing to the evolution and welfare of the 21st century world.

  • The IU School of Nursing, headquartered at IUPUI, is the largest nursing school in the country, with more than 8,000 students attending classes on seven IU campuses statewide.
  • The IU School of Medicine, based at IUPUI, was the first site to develop the use of echocardiography, using sound waves to detect heart disease.
  • Innovations invented here include the Drunk-o-meter and the first successful stannous fluoride formula, which became the active decay-preventing agent in Crest toothpaste.

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Campus in action

  • IUPUI has been a national leader in service learning, giving its students a myriad of options to get involved in community life, to become engaged in social activities, and to experience how to become informed, active citizens.
  • Our students have eagerly embraced our service learning classes and projects, volunteering for nearly 43,000 hours of service during the past year and helping nearly 200 area agencies that make life better for central Indiana residents. Our student tutors contributed another 19,000-plus hours of volunteer time under community-based work-study programs.
  • Being an engaged campus has opened many doors of opportunity for our students, staff and faculty, creating partnerships, building good will and forging bonds that will last well beyond school years and graduation. The efforts of our students and our programs haven't gone unnoticed: The Princeton Review, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and U.S. News & World Report magazine all gave national recognition to our civic engagement programs.

IUPUI schools and programs earn recognition

Diane Billings, Chancellor's Professor of nursing
Diane Billings, Chancellor's Professor of Nursing.
  • The IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs' criminal justice program was rated third in the nation in the 2004 U.S. News & World Report graduate school rankings, while SPEA itself ranked 35th in the country among public affairs schools, in the top 15 percent.
  • The IU School of Nursing at IUPUI was ranked 17th in the country in the latest rankings from the National Institutes of Health. The NIH also ranked the school 21st in research funding.

"Crossroads of America" becomes "Hub of the Digital World"

Network Operations Center in ICTC
A technician monitors global networks in the Network Operations Center at IUPUI

Indiana was once known as the "Crossroads of America," but today, IUPUI has an even more selective status in cyberspace: it's one of the major hubs of the Internet. The campus houses such network operating centers as Internet2, TransPAC and I-Light, systems that are revolutionizing the flow of information and data necessary for progress in today's world.

"The Question Is ..."

IUPUI has an interesting history with the famed TV game show Jeopardy. Former Herron School of Art student Erika Rogers was once a contestant on the show, and IUPUI itself was a Jeopardy answer. The answer was "This is the longest name of an NCAA Division I school?" and the question was, of course, "What is Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis?"

Odd, but true

The Indiana Dental College, a forerunner of the IU School of Dentistry, once had a football team that competed with colleges around the state - for one season. It also had a men's basketball team.