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Herron Sculpture Garden

The Campus : Galleries and Public Art

Herron Sculpture Garden

This torso stands in the Herron Sculpture Garden
Torso sculpture in the Herron Sculpture Garden

Eskenazi Hall, the dynamic home of the Herron School of Art & Design, is widely known as the home of the Herron Gallery. But exceptional artworks aren't limited to Herron's interior - the grounds around the building also feature 15 dramatic pieces of artistic expression.

One of the pieces featured in the Herron Sculpture Garden's "Public Sculpture Invitational" is a signature work by Herron alumnus James Wille Faust. His 20-foot, vibrantly colored aluminum sculpture is located at the corner of New York and Blackford streets. Faust's work is the only one of the 15 exhibits on the Herron grounds that will be a permanent fixture.

Arches of Herron, by James 
Wille Faust
Arches of Herron by Herron alumnus James Wille Faust is a permanent part of the Herron Sculpture Garden.

Pieces featured in the sculpture garden are viewed by more than 50,000 motorists - along with countless pedestrians - who pass the school each day. The pieces are easily visible by visitors to neighboring Military Park, and an easy walk for those visiting White River State Park, also an IUPUI neighbor.

Among the other artists featured in the invitational are Wim Delvoye, Tom Otterness, Judith Shea, John Ruppert and Edward Mayer.