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The Spirit of IUPUI

How can a university that recently celebrated its 40th birthday have roots in schools that have a history stretching back a century—or more? It's part of the unique story of a campus with two Big Ten universities as parents (Indiana University and Purdue University) that has grown into a dynamic urban university with a heritage all its own.

That heritage features points of pride (including a rich history, oddities, notable alumni, famous visitors, and more), a blossoming campus spirit (born of special events, athletics, and a steady growth in student life), and a host of campus traditions (including annual events, a "Jaguar jargon" unique to our campus, student hangouts past and present, IUPUI myths and legends, and strong community ties).

It's all part of the IUPUI story, an ongoing tale that links generations of students, staff, and faculty, and highlights the impact IUPUI has had—and is having—on life in Indianapolis and throughout the state of Indiana. Explore this Jaguar spirit site to learn more about the heritage that is IUPUI.

Go Jags!

Want to be a cheerleader? Want to be in the Pep Band? Want Jinx or Jawz at your event?