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[A. Hsu] The city of Indianapolis recently sent a delegation to Brazil led by the Mayor of Indianapolis, Greg Ballard. The goal of that mission is to attract investment from Brazil into an energy area. It’s a business development mission.

Mayor Ballard wanted to invite the Lugar Center to participate so that we can both bring our expertise with him, as well as, to show the Brazilian Companies and cities that we have world-class research, as well as, world-class work force in the renewable energy area.

The Lugar Center of course is first known for its cutting-edge research in the renewable energy area. In addition to research it also has the mission of education, public outreach, and the technology transfer.

It has a role in the community to help Indiana and Indianapolis communities to achieve a transfer from a fossil fuel economy to a renewable energy economy. Brazil is a lot more advanced in terms of renewable energy applications than any other countries we have visited. For instance Brazil has over 70% of its electricity provided by hydro-power and over 50% of its transportation fuel is provided by sugar cane ethanol; both are renewable sources.

Brazil also is very advanced in terms of bio-fuel research and has a very ambitious goal of providing 10% of the world’s transportation fuel by using only 2% of their air able land to grow sugar cane. We have also brought back many concrete proposals for bilateral collaboration between the two countries, between the two cities, as well as, between the academic institutions.

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