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[C. Copp] Hi, I’m Capri Copp, your host for the October 27th edition of IUPUI’s The Spot.

Let your administration serve you. Join others from the IUPUI community and celebrity guest, Colts Special Teams Player, Jamie Silva for the United Way Kickoff Lunch on Monday, November 1st in the Ballroom at the University Place Hotel. Doors open at 11:45 pm, and the event begins at noon. To purchase your 5 dollar lunch reservation, contact Betty Joyner at

Dance the night away while raising funds for Riley Hospital. Last year, IUPUI raised over 8,000 dollars at Jagathon, IUPUI’s Dance Marathon. Help meet this year’s goal of over 10,000 dollars by attending this year’s event on Friday, November 5th from 4pm-midnight in the Campus Center, room 450. The Spot spoke with Daniela Klaz for more information.

[D. Klaz] IUPUI Student Foundation, the IU Foundation work together as partners to sponsor it, but we also have Barnes & Noble @ IUPUI sponsoring Jagathon this year, as well as several local restaurants such as Papa John’s, Hardees, Pita Pit, Local Coco-Cola, and a few others.

Jagathon is a fundraiser for Riley’s Children Hospital, which is just down the street, and we try to get the community involved in service projects, philanthropy, and just helping out the community in general, whether by volunteering or staying on our feet to help Riley. We try to bring in students and the local community together and promote what Riley does, as well as just promote philanthropy at IUPUI.

We have lots of activities. We have this year, an inflatable twister, among other things. It’s obviously a dance marathon, so we have live music, as well as a DJ. This year, there’s going to be a rave party, so we’ll have techno music.

Jagathon will be held on November 5th. Registration starts at 3 p.m., and the event goes from 4 p.m. until midnight. It’s taking place on the fourth floor of the Campus Center in the multipurpose room, which is the 450, and we’ll be combining all the rooms, so it will be a gigantic room, and we’re staying on our feet for the whole eight hours to promote standing on our feet for the kids who can’t at Riley.

[C. Copp] Student Activities Programming Board, SAPB has more events for you this semester. Warm up at the Campus Center Atrium with coffee, hot chocolate, and singer, songwriter, Landon Austin. This 6:06 series event begins at 6:06 pm on Tuesday, November 2nd. Then, on Thursday, November 11th at 6pm, catch Inception at free movie night in CE 450.

Everyone’s talking about it! Renowned author, Colin Beavan will be at IUPUI on Wednesday, November 10th. Hear his talk on No Impact Man at 1 pm in the Campus Center, room 450. We spoke with Liesa Etheridge for the details.

[L. Etheridge] The 2009-2011 Common Theme is “Consuming Well for the Wealth of Communities from IUPUI to the World”, and so for this year, our Common Theme reader is No Impact Man by Colin Beavan.

The premise of No Impact Man is that Colin Beavan is a lot like us. He’s concerned about the environment. He’s fairly well read about environmental issues, but he doesn’t really know how to put his priorities into practice, so the book is about his attempt, for one year, to live with as little environmental impact as possible, and so, the book really chronicles his and his family’s attempt at doing that.

Well, it’s a really great book. I mean, a lot of us are concerned about the environment, but we often are presented with what we can’t or shouldn’t do, and so, the great thing about this book is that it really points out the benefits of living a more conscious and eco-friendly life, and it puts that in a positive spin.

Well, we expect him to talk about the year of no impact, basically the experiences he had with his family during that experiment, and since it’s such a personal book, I imagine he’ll talk more about the highs and lows and give more personal details about that.

The author’s actually coming Wednesday, November 10th, and he’ll be right here in the Campus Center, room 450, and it starts at 1 o’clock, but we do recommend that you get here early because we are expecting a large turnout, and there’s limited seating. For more information, you can go to, and you can find more details about the visits, as well as other Common Theme related events and resources.

[C. Copp] Need help mapping out what to do after graduation? Visit the Barnes & Noble @ IUPUI Café on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 11 am and 1 pm all semester long for Coffee with a Career Counselor. Bring a resume or your questions about choosing a major or career path. Contact Colleen Rusnak at for more information.

That’s it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in on November 10th for the latest campus news and student activities at

I’m Capri Copp, and thanks for Spotting us!

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