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[M. Agarwal] Nanotechnology is creation of material devices and systems through the understanding and control of matter at the dimension of nano-skin that is one, two hundred nanometer, and at that dimensions, the functionalities and property of matter changes, and we can use that for many areas of application.

So, this is a nanotechnology discovery summer day camp, and here the high school students are provided with an opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary nature of nanotechnology as we all know that nanotechnology is just becoming very essential, not only in engineering, science, and medicine, but also in many other disciplines.

So, they come here for a week and explore what is nanotechnology, learn how to define nanotechnology, and what are the applications to fabricate and test solar cell, to test fuel cells for energy application, to fabricate and test micro nano-fluidic devices that can be used as “lab on a chip”, where you can convert an entire lab onto a small chip, so that we can use less test samples to determine any reagents or analyze, so that’s what they are doing here today.

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