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[D. Dorsey] Hi, Iím Dominic Dorsey, your host for the April 28th edition of IUPUIís The Spot.

As the first University in the United States to offer a bachelorís degree in motorsports engineering, IUPUI surmounts other automotive engineering programs in the US. Since the degree programís induction, IUPUI motorsportsí students have achieved success both in the classroom and on the track. On Saturday, April 24th, Justin Penix led the IUPUI racing team to victory in the 53rd annual Purdue Grand Prix, dominating Purdue with a 1-2 finish.

Need a little extra cash for the summer? Get the best prices for books this week at the buyback at Barnes and Noble! Bring the textbooks you would like to sell, along with your student id to the campus bookstore. Visit for more information!

Donít forget about the 2nd annual IUPUI Regatta, presented by SOAR. Visit to register for the canoe race on the downtown canal or to volunteer for this new IUPUI tradition. The event will take place on September 25, 2010. You donít want to miss it!

As a part of the Global Youth Service Day, the Sam H. Jones Freshman service scholars coordinated their service day on April 16th. The service event was located at Indianola Park. The scholars worked with the children from George Washington School to help rebuild the community.

[C. Johnson] Yeah, this event is called is called Global Youth Service Day. Itís a nation-wide event. My group of eleven freshman service scholars with the Sam H. Jones scholarship are in-charge of this event, and weíve been working on it for over five months now. We start at the beginning of the year, and then this is the final product.

Our goal is to incorporate kids from George Washington High School. Itís the high school we tutor at, and we bring thirty, between thirty and fifty of these kids out for this event. We get them out of school and let them do a volunteer activity. Itís a full day. We give them breakfast. We talk to them about higher education. We bring them here to clean up the park and do the event, and then we also give them pizza and do games and activities afterwards, so itís a fun day, but we also do some service.

[K. Zeller] It takes a lot of just, teamwork. We all had our different committees. We had a financial committee. We had a marketing committee. We had a budget committee, so it all just had to kind of coordinate what we were finding out, the different things we had to work on our own, but then we had to work together on, like the budget committee planned our budget. And then, thereís a planning committee that planned where we would have it and what we would do, and then the marketing committee kind of marketed out all over IUPUI and G.W., George Washington School.

[D. Dorsey] The Herron School of Art and Design invites you to explore its facilities and view student work on Thursday, May 6th from 6 to 8 p.m. Enjoy music and refreshments, along with the projects and artwork of the first class of graduating Fine Art and Visual Communication Design masters degree candidates.

The IUPUI Student Organization for Alumni Relations would like to congratulate Brady Harman as its new president. You can get involved too by applying for a membership with SOAR. SOAR is now a closed membership. Visit for more information and to apply.

We see thousands of students a day going to and from class, but what do IUPUI students do after hours?

[A. Biehle] Growing up, I wasnít really involved in pageants. I started when I got out of high school, and I had some friends that did it, and I thought it was a great opportunity and great experience, so I jumped in, and I did it. My first year, Iíd just turned nineteen, so I was a Miss contestant, and I made top fifteen, so I tried a little bit harder next year, came back and was second runner-up, and third time, I worked very hard, found out who I was, and I was able to win, and now, Iíve worked very hard to go. Iím going to Miss USA. It will be May 16th, and I think itís just all about knowing who you are and knowing your state, Indiana. Thatís who Iím representing, so hopefully I can represent to the fullest out there at the Miss USA stage. I mean with anything you do, you need to know who you are, and what youíre capable of, and always push yourself to be better. When it was with the pageants, itís always finding who I am, things that I can work for as Miss USA. With school, itís again, finding who you are, working towards those good grades, working towards your education and to what you want to fulfill. I want to be dentist, and go to the IU School of Dentistry, and thatís finding who I am, how I can help my patients in the long run. So, itís all about knowing who you are, and following what you believe in and working hard for it.

[D. Dorsey] Thatís it for The Spot this year! Thanks for a great semester, and we hope to see you right here next semester for the latest campus news and student activities at

Iím Dominic Dorsey, and thanks for Spotting us!

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