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[G. Glaros] Hi, Iím Gina Glaros, your host for the March 31st edition of IUPUIís The Spot.

As one of the nationís outstanding urban research universities, IUPUI finds importance in sharing its development. At IUPUIís 2nd annual Research Day, you can explore and learn more about the research and creativity being performed on this campus by its very own students, faculty, and staff! The Spot spoke with an IUPUI faculty member and student for more information on this prestigious event.

[R. Nalim] Research Day is about getting our story out to the world about all of the wonderful research thatís going on at IUPUI by faculty that are doing cutting edge research and by graduate students and undergraduate students.

[P. Bedell] It gives students the opportunity that have been doing research to showcase their work. They might want to explain to others why youíre doing what youíre doing there, what benefit it is to the community as a whole.

[R. Nalim] This is a chance for the faculty to find out about what the other faculty are doing, for the graduate student to find out what research opportunities there are, for the public to find out what IUPUI is doing for the community. The research thatís been done at IUPUI is not only pushing the envelope in many areas of research, but is actually being translated into practice, helping industry, helping our community in Indiana and around the world.

Research Day will be held on April 9th and the open house will be at the Campus Center this year.

[G. Glaros] You can discover more information about the event at

Bells will soon be ringing! Work is currently underway to install a set of bells in the Campus Center bell tower. The largest bell commemorates IUPUI\'s 40th Anniversary and includes the names of all schools at IUPUI.

The Miss Red and Black Pageant is in its fourth year as a signature event of the Black Student Union. The contestants work all semester to put on a great show. You donít want to miss the crowning of the 2010 Miss Red and Black. The pageant takes place at the Madame Walker Theatre on April 9th at 7pm. Doors will open at 6:30. Tickets for students are $7 with your JagTag.

Are you looking for a job this summer? The Office of Student Involvement is looking for four student leaders to join Jag Corps for summer 2010 orientations. For more information or for an application, contact Stephanie Lee at Application deadline is Monday, April 5th.

The IUPUI Forensics Speech and Debate Team heads to Ohio University for nationals on April 15th. With six competitors and 12 events, over half the team will be representing IUPUI as they compete against universities from across the country.

We see thousands of students a day going to and from class, but what do IUPUI students do after hours?

[J. Harter] In terms of having a degree and doing your own business and having your own clientele, Iíve never had a client thatís ever asked me, ďIíd like to see your degree and where did you get that from?Ē Thatís never happened. Would I recommend not having a degree? Absolutely not. I think that having a degree doesnít necessarily give you just skills or a particular skill set, it gives you a method of thinking, and it also gives you an excellent plan B in case life goes on and you do get that client or do work for some company as a contractor or having work outsourced to you that they want to see that you have a degree, and I would certainly recommend that people get a bachelorís degree at least.

I currently run my own website design business. I recently started doing that after I had spent almost four years working for the state of Indiana as a website developer for the Supreme Court.

My advice for any upcoming graduate from IUPUI looking for that perfect job would be to actually go scope out the organizations that you want to work for. A lot of organizations donít advertise positions because a lot of organizations take to the mindset that weíre so awesome that if you want to work for us, youíll come find us. So, donít rely upon Career Builder or to find that job for you. You need to actually go and be persuasive to the organization that you want to work for.

[G. Glaros] Thatís it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in on April 14th for the latest campus news and student activities at

Iím Gina Glaros, and thanks for Spotting us!

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