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[S. Beeson] The Greenwood Learning Center is an extension of the IUPUI’s Community Learning Network office, which houses continuing studies, general studies, and the distance learning. This is an extension of a plan that we have put into place to open a center on the south side of Indianapolis. We just opened a year, last year, we opened a center on the northwest side at Park 100, and this was the next step.

Our office realized that there was a need to bring the classes to the people, as opposed to the people coming to the classes, so we have built this facility and the facility up on the northwest side to facilitate that.

We’re conveniently located off Interstate I-65 at the County Line Road exit. Our street address is 555 East County Line Road, Suite 104.

We offer both credit and non-credit courses. Credit, right now, are freshman level courses. Our non-credit courses run the gambit from photography to pharmacy tech to a palates fitness class. We’re dependent on the departments to put classes out here. If the departments elect to put the classes out here, then that’s what will happen.

Through the non-credit arm, if an organization, a business comes to us and says they need some sort of training, we can connect them with the contract in training department of continuing studies, and they can hold classes down here. Any core requests that we get for credit classes are always passed on up.

One of the things that was decided fairly early on was that this facility would be the most technologically advanced piece of classroom equipment here at IUPUI. Right now, we move beyond SmartBoards to what are called Interwrite Boards. To put it briefly, the boards, instead of writing on the board with your back to the class, the video monitor, at the front of the class, in front of the instructor’s podium is what the instructor would write on. This way, the instructor can continue to look at the class while they interact with it.

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