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[D. Dorsey] Hi, I’m Dominic Dorsey, your host for the March 3rd edition of IUPUI’s The Spot.

Finishing up a great season, your IUPUI Jaguars are heading into the Summit League Contest with high prospects. As of February 27th, the IUPUI men’s basketball team was 22 and 9 for the season and ranked 2nd in the conference. The Summit League Contest will take place at Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Quarterfinals will begin on March 6th and 7th. Semifinals will follow on Monday, March 8th, and the championship game will be held on Tuesday, March 9th at 8 pm.

[B. Pettiford] We know we have to win three big games to get to the NCAA tournament, so we have to take it one game at a time, not try to overlook any team, just take it one game at a time, and just play hard.

We open up Saturday against Western Illinois, and then, if we win that game, we’ll play the winner of Oral Roberts and North Dakota State.

It will mean a lot to us as a team. That’s one of our main goals is to get to the NCAA tournament. It would mean a lot for our university, to continue to put our university out there. We’ve been there once before, I believe, in ’03, and we want to try to get back there for the seniors and everybody else on this team.

[D. Dorsey] Good luck, and go jags! You can track their progress at

Starting at 5:30 pm last Monday, A’Lelia Bundles, the biographer and great - great granddaughter of Madam C. J. Walker spoke at IUPUI to launch the 2010 celebration of Women’s History Month. News reporter Capri Copp has the details.

[C. Copp] I’m here at IUPUI’s official launch for Women’s History Month, where A’Lelia Bundles, the great-great granddaughter of Madame C.J. Walker spoke on the theme of “Writing Women Back into History.”

[A. Bundles] My name is A’Lelia Bundles, and I am Madame C.J. Walker’s great-great granddaughter and biographer, and it’s really great to be related to her. I grew up in Indianapolis. I went to North Central High School. The Madame C.J. Walker Theater Center is just a few blocks from here. My mother went to work there every day. So, it was interesting to be the great-great granddaughter of somebody famous, but there was also some responsibility that came along with it. It’s really a great privilege to be related to somebody like Madame Walker, but I also feel a responsibility to tell her story and to share her legacy with others, especially because I know it can inspire people.

I really hope that students who are at IUPUI will walk that 200 yards over to the Madame Walker Theater Center and take a look around. We have an amazing example of African Art Deco in the Theater. Every time I go in the Theater, if I go up in the balcony, I see something new.

I hope people here will decide to go to some of our jazz programs on Friday nights and come to some of the performances that we have there because we really are neighbors, and I love the fact that IUPUI and the Madame Walker Theater Center are just right across the street from each other, so I hope people will take advantage of that national, historic landmark.

[C. Copp] Here at the Campus Center, I’m Capri Copp; Jagtv News.

[D. Dorsey] The April 1, 2010 Census Day is quickly approaching. We want to urge you to answer the census questionnaire so that services and programs, such as university tuition grants and loan programs will be here for IUPUI students. As IUPUI students, you can declare your residency where you go to school in order to attain more funding for IUPUI.

The 3rd annual César Chávez Dinner will be on Sunday, March 28th at 6 pm in the Campus Center, room 450. This year\'s theme is \"celebrating Latino unity while honoring diverse roots.\" The Spot spoke with Pedro Lara for more information.

[P. Lara] This is the third year that the César Chávez dinner is taking place. The dinner is in honor of César Chávez and his works, alongside with the labor union.

What we do is we bring in a keynote speaker, we have a three-course meal alongside with the keynote speaker and some entertainment, and sort of to just hear a little speech about César Chávez and what he’s done, as well as ways that you can help out your community.

The goals of the dinner is to sort of inform and sort of captivate the audience’s attention of his works, as well as what the Latino community’s doing here on campus and in Indianapolis as well. The event takes place on Sunday, March 28th here at the Campus Center on the 4th floor in room, 450, and the event starts at 6 o’clock.

[D. Dorsey] The IUPUI Sport Complex will again hold the Natatorium day camp and sports camps. The traditional day camp will be held in the Natatorium, and there are 6 different sport camps that run throughout the summer. The summer day camps run June 1st through July 30th. Registration is now open. Visit for registration information.

That’s it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

I’m Dominic Dorsey, and thanks for Spotting us!

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