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[M. Mosbey] Hi, Iím Mitch Mosbey, your host for the February 10th edition of IUPUIís The Spot.

Expand your cultural knowledge by attending Images in Black. This event is an open discussion on images in news and media which pertain or affect the African American Community. Images in Black will be held on Thursday, February 18th from 6 to 8 pm in Campus Center, room 405.

Are you looking for an apartment, but donít know where to look? Visit IUPUIís 2nd Annual Off-Campus Housing Fair. The event will be held Tuesday, February 23rd at 9 am in Campus Center, room 450 B and C. The Spot spoke with Student Advocate Coordinator Josh Manlove for the details.

[J. Manlove] The purpose of having the Off-Campus Housing Fair is that at IUPUI, our on-campus housing is growing, but we are always going to be primarily a commuter school, and so we want to try to serve the students who live off campus, and so our goal is just to be able to provide resources. A lot of times you have an eighteen, nineteen, twenty year-old student who is just getting thrown into, you know, go check or something like that, and itís just very daunting, so we want to try to help students in that regard in any way that we can.

At the Off-Campus Housing Fair, students can see a variety of apartment providers, and they can learn about floor plans, rates, different student incentives some apartment providers have, discounts for being a student and things like that, and they can also see photos and just meet actual people from, who work for these complexes.

The Off-Campus Housing Fair is going to be on Tuesday, February 23rd from 9 am to 4 pm, and itís going to be on the 4th floor of the Campus Center in rooms 450 B and C; just right over there.

[M. Mosbey] Filmmaker, Chris Paine will visit IUPUI this Friday, February 12th at 12 pm in Cavanaugh Hall, room 438. As part of the campus ďMobilizing for Healthy CommunitiesĒ series, come spend your lunch hour watching clips from ďWho Killed the Electric Car?Ē and hear the filmmaker discuss the latest progress on electric vehicles.

Last Saturday was the Curtis Memorial Oratorical Contest, where IUPUI undergrads showcased their commitment to peaceful conflict resolutions through scripted oration. News reporter Capri Copp has the details.

[C. Copp] Over Super Bowl weekend, while many of you were preparing to watch the game, some IUPUI undergraduate students were preparing for their speeches, which they gave last Saturday at the Curtis Memorial Oratorical Contest.

There are two divisions of the Curtis Memorial Oratorical Contests, one for IUPUI students and the other including participants from universities from the surrounding states presenting their speeches on conflict resolution.

The IUPUI finalists were Bernie Reed, Mesie Augustine, and Jacob Williams.

[M. Augustine] My speech was entitled ďThe Silent Battle: When Global Policing goes wrong in Child Trafficking.Ē I picked that particular topic because Iím part of Amnesty International, I was when I was in the United Kingdom and now Iím a distance member, and I felt that it was the strongest topic because itís something thatís very close to my heart and something that I knew a lot about and I felt very passionate about.

I learned that the world is not just seen as one particular country anymore. We are unifying slowly but surely, and I said this in my speech as well, we are a global village, and people are, now more than ever, seeing that and understanding that. And, I believe that I will take that into the future in that I plan to be a foreign diplomat or an ambassador to a country one day, and hopefully, I may give that speech with a little bit of a tweak to it in the end, so this has prepared me for that global platform in small strides.

The contest winner was Mesie Augustine winning an award of $1,000.

Here at the Campus Center, Iím Capri Copp; Jagtv News.

[M. Mosbey] Next Friday, February 19th, SAPB is presenting a free movie double header in the Campus Center, room 450. The movie Twilight will begin at 4 pm, followed by New Moon at 6 pm. Free popcorn and drinks will be provided.

The menís and womenís basketball teams will travel to Tulsa, Oklahoma this Saturday, February 13th to face off against Oral Roberts. The womenís game will begin at 2:05 pm, and the menís game will start at 7:05.

At home this Saturday, is the womenís tennis team taking on Bradley University at 7 pm in the Indianapolis Tennis Center. Good luck, and go jags! You can track their progress at

Thatís it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

Iím Mitch Mosbey, and thanks for Spotting us!

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