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[C. Jefferson] As an instructor in beginning wheel throwing, Im constantly doing demos, moving around the class, trying to give the students kind of the basic skill sets they need to create artwork of their own.

My name is Corey Jefferson. I am an instructor of ceramics and foundations at the Herron School of Art and Design.

One of the ways that the ceramics department is unique is really using technology in the classroom. Recently, we started creating podcasts as a way to kind of supplement the demos, to have them really mimic the assignments that we give, and were able to have the students subscribe and check out all the demos, past and present, and kind of go back through there when were not there. The students will be able to turn to the podcasts and re-watch the demos, and hopefully, well start to work even with the podcasts and demos simultaneously while creating work.

The Herron ceramics department is quite large. It has three instructors with three different skill sets that we can offer the students. You know, its really quite a unique experience, as well as state of the art facilities and a lot of fire power with our kiln space.

Through the iTunes U as an educational tool, these podcasts will be really a great asset to the ceramics department.

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