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[J. Fulda] The book is called “Half-Assed: a weight-loss memoir”. It’s kind of a tongue and cheek title. The book kind of grew out of a blog I started in 2005 called “,” and it was a blog that I started to document my weight-loss journey as I strove to lose half my weight, ultimately about 190 pounds, so I kept that, and I blogged regularly, and going to IUPUI really helped me develop the skills to be able to do that.

An editor from a publishing company, Seal Press, contacted me, and we kind of talked back and forth, and I eventually put together a book proposal, and they offered me a contract, so I wrote a book over a nine month period, and that came out in May 2008.

I had always been overweight, ever since I was child, and I just kind of continuously gained more weight each year, and then, once I got to college, you know, there’ s the freshman-fifteen. I think I probably gained the freshman-fifty. I just didn’t track my eating, and I didn’t really make an effort to exercise, and eventually I got to a point where I was like almost four hundred pounds. I weighed three hundred and seventy-two pounds at the highest weight, so I was having some serious health problems, and I knew this was something I needed to attack.

And, my younger brother Jim, who also went to IUPUI, he was in the school of business. He lost about sixty or seventy pounds over the course of the year, and he kind of really inspired me to take control of my own problem, and January 2005, you know, everybody’s making New Year’s resolutions, so I’d decided to try to finally lose the weight.

I read the book, “The South Beach Diet” which my brother had followed, and I started following those concepts, where you eat lots of fruits and vegetables, you chose like whole grains over white flour, you eat lean meats, so some basic just good decision, healthy eating choices, and I also started exercising regularly.

Eventually, the weight came off. It comes off really fast at first, and then, it kind of slowed down the closer it came to my goal, but as I got thinner, I added things in like weight lifting and palates. I think if you just keep doing it over a long period then you start to see results.

I know some people; you start into diet, and if you don’t lose weight within the first week or two, then they give up, or they try to go too extreme at first. Maybe they try to start running three miles a day even though they haven’t been running for the last three years.

I think it’s important to just kind of hold back a little, and make sure you’re going for the long term, that you’re going to make it because it really is a lifelong thing. It’s not something where you just lose the weight, and you’re done. So, I think, stay positive and really believe in yourself, and I think I said, set up accountability, find a support group, and you know just keep trying.

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