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[C. Copp] Hi, Iím Capri Copp, your host for the January 20th edition of IUPUIís The Spot.

A Sony equipment package including a VAIO PC Notebook and related equipment will be awarded as a scholarship to 5 current IU students on any IU campus. The application for the Sony Scholarship is due February 15th. To find out if you qualify or for additional information, contact Abby Englert at

Monday, January 18th was the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, an annual campus tradition organized by a group of student leaders. IUPUI students, faculty, staff, and guests volunteer at community sites across Indianapolis as a way to honor Dr. King\'s commitment to service and to social justice.

[E. Fruits] Well, the Martin Luther King Day of Service is an ongoing tradition her at IUPUI. Itís in its eleventh year. We try to commemorate Martin Luther King and the things heís done for his community, and we try to put on the light that we can do it for our community.

We try to just bring everybody together. It doesnít have to be IUPUI students; it can be anybody in the Indianapolis community. We bring everybody together; we have a program for them, and then, we send them out to different agencies, community service agencies and do service the rest of the day.

Volunteers, like I said, they are IUPUI students; they are non-IUPUI students; they are faculty, staff, kids, and so, they just come from everywhere, and we just send them out to our different service agency partners. And, they do different events; painting, cleaning, just anything that the service partners really think that we can do to make a difference and help out.

We had a girl, a high school girl recite the ďI Have a DreamĒ speech from heart, which is really meaningful. And then, we had the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity do a step show, which was Martin Luther Kingís fraternity.

We really thank all the volunteers that come out, and itís without the volunteers registering and coming out, this day is not possible, and so, we just encourage them to keep coming out every year and making this IUPUIís biggest service event.

[C. Copp] On Thursday, January 21st, during Martin Luther King week, Afro-German filmmaker Mo Asumang will visit IUPUI to screen and discuss her documentary, ďRoots, GermaniaĒ, a film addressing multicultural issues in modern Germany. The screening will begin at 6pm in the Informatics building, room IT 152.

Donít forget; Top 100 nominations are due February 3rd, and if you have already been nominated, completed applications are due February 10th. For qualifications and other information, visit

Are you a continuing student who could use some free money for tuition and other student expenses? Then, apply for a continuing student scholarship. Some of the applications are due February 1st. We spoke with Amber Pratcher for more information.

[A. Pratcher]Well, the continuing student scholarships that we offer at IUPUI; they apply to continuing students, which means you have to be a freshman or above, and also, they apply to any returning students who are coming back from being out of school for awhile, and they also apply to transfer students.

The IUPUI continuing student scholarship application is typically funded by the IU foundation and also various donors that give money to IUPUI.

The IUPUI continuing student scholarships range from about five hundred dollars to approximately ten thousand, two hundred dollars. Some of them are even renewable, so some of them are higher than that.

All of the eligibility requirements vary, and youíd have to check each scholarship to see what the eligibility requirements were. A student would apply by going to our website at, and downloading an application in the continuing student scholarship area. A student can go to their Onestart under financial tab, and they will see a link for the IUPUI scholarship application, and they can do so there.

[C. Copp] As we finish up the second week of classes, remember those registration deadlines. The 100% refund period for dropped courses just ended on January 18th, but you can still receive the 75% refund up until midnight on January 24th. The 50% refund will end on Sunday, January 31st.

The IUPUI Jaguar menís basketball team defeated Summit League rival Oral Roberts in overtime last Thursday for a 90 to 87 win. The next athletic home events are the womenís and menís swim teams facing Louis University this Friday at 3pm in the Natatorium and the menís tennis team taking on Morehead State at 7pm in the Indianapolis Tennis Center. Good luck, and go Jags. You can track their progress at

Thatís it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

Iím Capri Copp, and thanks for Spotting us!

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