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[C. Copp] Hello and welcome back! Iím Capri Copp, your host for the January 13th edition of IUPUIís The Spot.

Construction continues for the new parking garage, which will eventually provide 1300 additional parking spaces for the IUPUI campus. In the process, 550 current spaces have been lost. The Spot spoke with parking services for details about where you will be able to park this spring semester.

[C. Pferrer]The new parking garage is located on the east side of campus, just east of Blackford Street. Parking is currently closed for the construction zone, which is just north of the IT building. Parking, of course, is available all across campus.

We always encourage people to get here early. If we do get into an overflow situation, we have additional parking up Indiana Avenue at lots 401 and up at BRTC on 16th Street. They are signed when you get up there, so it does say overflow parking available.

The construction timeline should end in August, just before the start of school next year. We should be gaining 1300 parking spaces for the campus.

Parking information can be found in general on our website at We are also newly on twitter this semester, and you can follow us at iupuipark on twitter. You can also listen to the radio station at 1610 am, where weíll be giving updates ever fifteen minutes.

[C. Copp] Both H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines are available free of charge with an IUPUI ID. For more information, visit

Help support the IUPUI Sports Complex by spreading the word about the Natatorium day camp and sports camps. Camps will run during the summer, but early registration is required. Sport Marketing Manager, Matt Reiswerg gave us the details.

[M. Reiswerg] At the IUPUI Sport Complex, we have several different summer camp programs. The longest running and most well known of those is the summer day camp, and then, we also have six sport specific camps that run throughout the summer.

The summer day camp is a traditional day camp. Campers will experience a variety of different games, activities, sports throughout the day. One of the great features of the summer day camp is children receive daily swim lessons here in the famous Natatorium, which parents are very, very big on, and also, we have a great academic elective program. Itís an optional part of the summer day camp, but children have the opportunity to participate in age appropriate classes in actual academic units here on campus.

The sport camps; there are six different sport camps that run throughout the summer. The summer day camps run June 1st through July 30th, and there are nine one-week sessions available, and the times on those camps are 9am to 4pm.

[C. Copp] Visit for registration information.

The IUPUI Jagtag Office continues to expand their campus boundaries. Clarian Health Prescription Centers, along with several other new vendors will soon be accepting Jagtags. To find out all the new vendors and this monthís Jagtag perks visit

This yearís homecoming theme is centered on decades from the past. IUPUI Homecoming begins Tuesday, January 26th and will run until Sunday, January 31st. Nick Estrada, USG vice-president and homecoming committee chair has the details.

[N. Estrada] So, homecoming is basically when the students of IUPUI are going to have a lot of school spirit, get excited, go watch the games; that kind of thing. Kind of like what you saw in high school, but now for the collegiate level. Itís going to start on Tuesday, January 26th and run until Sunday the 31st, which is the menís game, and weíre paying IPFW.

Weíre pretty much piggy-backing off of the Retro Metro Night theme. The whole week is retro themed. One of our big things that weíre having is an eighties themed dance, so right after the womenís game on that Saturday, people will come over to the campus center. We will have a big dance. Everyone will be decked out in eighties gear.

You can go to, and there will be a link for homecoming at the top of the page.

One of the big aspects that weíre pushing this year is team competitions, so throughout the week, you and some of your friends or your own student organization can sign up, and you can compete throughout the week doing different things to get points, and then, at the end of the week, weíll have a winner, and thereíll be a ceremony at the menís game to kind of culminate homecoming for the year.

[C. Copp] The IUPUI Jaguar homecoming game is located at Conseco on Sunday, January 31st. Tipoff is at 2pm against in-state foe, IPFW, continuing the Summit League contest. Join your IUPUI Jaguars and their hope for a return trip to the NCAA Tournament. Good luck, and go Jags! You can track their progress at

Thatís it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune us in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

Iím Capri Copp, and thanks for Spotting us!

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