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[C. Copp] The Office of External Affairs helped to organize the 2009 Adopt-a-Family Program. For this program, IUPUI students, staff, and faculty will give back the community and help spread joy to those in need during this holiday season. IUPUI groups signed-up to adopt families, and raised money to purchase gifts for the IUPUI Season of Giving.

[J. Boyts] Last year, actually, IUPUIís always been a helpful partner. Last year, I think they had about twenty families total. This year, they were able to do twenty-seven. That serves over one hundred individuals including kids and adults. Most of the demographic we see are single parents, so really thatís quite a big families that they take care of.

They take care of mostly all around needs. We have programs that just do kids, just do adults; maybe just do our seniors. IUPUI has been very helpful in taking care of the whole family; that includes parentsí household goods, as well as toys for the kids as well.

No, we are grateful. Like I said, this has not been the longest partnership that weíve had, but itís definitely had the most impact on a lot of our families. The ability to grow obviously has been great for us this year. Weíve seen a greater need this year than any other year, and it continues to grow, and so I think itís been very helpful to be able to count and rely on a partner like IUPUI to kind of step in when needed and really take on more when asked, and itís a true sign of, I think, the partnership and the character of the groups that are involved as well. So yeah, weíre just really grateful.

[C. Copp] Gifts are being loaded into a moving truck outside of Taylor Hall, and shortly these donations will be delivered directly to the Christamore House and other community centers.

[M. Posch] The IUPUI Season of Giving is an adopt-a-family program that we do here every year at IUPUI, and itís basically a chance for staff, students, different schools to all come together as a group and help out families from our neighborhood here, whether theyíre with the Christamore House or Hawthorn Community Center to help them have a better holiday.

Well, the adopt-a-family program has been, in one form or another, has been going on for about eleven or twelve years here. This year, we were able to reach our highest amount of families reached, where we have well over fifty, fifty-five families that are going to get whether thatís toys or supplies or whatever they need for their houses given to them this year by people here at IUPUI.

And, we started this; the process started early on in November, and we were able to match them up with families that were in need in our community, and give them those families by about the Thanksgiving break, so that they were able to then have the last couple weeks to go out shopping for them.

[C. Copp] In 2008, enough gifts were donated in order to support thirty-six families, and for this yearís adopt-a-family program, IUPUI will be able to support fifty-seven families. Over 180 parents and children on our west side community will receive presents this holiday season.

Here at the Christamore House, Iím Capri Copp; Jagtv News.

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