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[C. Copp] Jam the Jaguars Bus is a campus wide food drive hosted by the Office of Community Relations. In 2008, IUPUI collected three tons of food to support local pantries. The food collected will go to pantries in over fifteen churches and non-profit shelters that are in need during this holiday season.

[M. McFarlin] Jam the Bus kicked off the last week of October. We have schools and offices from all over campus participating. This year we have a handful of student groups also participating, and some of our biggest events have been the athletics basketball game, where they did a ticket exchange for can food donations, and the bookstore sponsored the Barnes and Nobles Starbucks, a twenty-five percent off venti cups for a week during Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week for can food donations.

This morning, we already went around to about fifteen different schools picking up their donations, and everything seems to be going great. We have money donations to certain community centers and Gleaners Food Bank and some of the churches. So, everyone should be getting a large donation this year from IUPUI.

[T. Stanley] So far what we�ve done is we�ve helped raise awareness for Jam the Jaguars Bus through the CANpetition. The plan was to, using the cans that were collected, come together, as you see over here, and then, just build stuff with it.

The intent was to raise awareness for Jam the Jaguars Bus, so just to show the sheer size and the amount of cans that have been collected because three tons is kind of hard to imagine, but when you put it into something like a sculpture, it makes it a bit more imaginable.

[C. Copp] This year�s goal was to fill three busses with food. IUPUI will be able to fill sixteen pantries this holiday season.

I�m Capri Copp, Jagtv News.

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