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[D. Craig]: The common theme project is an effort to bring this big campus of over 30,000 students together into a shared conversation. The way we will do it is there will be a book for the campus every year that is recommended reading. And then every two years there will be a new theme with a series of events, films, contests, ’what-not’ to get people talking about the topics related to that theme.

The book this year is Bill McKibbon’s \"Deep Economy\". It is a book by an environmentalist who’s asking us to think through this question: \"How should we rethink and rebuild our economy today?\"

Students can get involved in the common theme in many ways, and I should say that students have been very much involved in the common theme. It was a student team that designed the website for the common theme; several student organizations collaborating on an upcoming event, which is a sustainability town hall, where we’re going to have administrators talk about what’s happening here at IUPUI in terms of sustainability. So student organizations are already supporting this project.

One of the ways students can get involved is to read the book. Every week we have highlighted pages from the book on the website and there’s a blog that somebody writes about those pages. Students can read the blog and add their comments. Students can attend events that are showcased on the common theme website. And one thing I really want to draw attention to for students are the contests. There are two contests on the website; one is an essay contest about Bill McKibbon’s book and the common theme for this year. And in addition, there’s something called the common green contest, which asks how students can help make IUPUI more sustainable, and it comes with a cash prize. So check it out on the website

The common theme website has a calendar of events all around campus related to the theme. Everybody should know that Bill McKibbon, the author of this year’s book, is coming to campus November 9th, Monday 4:30 for a talk and then there will be a follow up panel on local food at the Indiana State Museum.

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