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[M. Stewart] Hi, Iím Matthew Stewart, your host for the November 18th edition of IUPUIís The Spot.

Put your leadership skills to work, and apply to be a Leadership Consultant with Campus and Community Life. Leadership Consultants will engage, educate, and support others in leadership development on the IUPUI campus. Applications are due November 20th by 12:00 p.m. in Campus and Community Life on the third floor of the Campus Center.

We see thousands of students a day going to and from class, but what do IUPUI students do after hours?

[D. Meyers?] Hey, Iím Dalton Meyers, and I play guitar.

I have been playing guitar for nine years, actually. \"News From Verona\" has been together for two years. Before I joined the band, I actually was doing my original, writing songs, and stuff like that. I wanted to do something in the music business, so I just wanted to continue doing music, because thatís what I love to do.

Yeah, I actually do have a guitar class and a music theory class that I have been able to use what I know from the band, vice versa, to what I learned from there and then transfer it.

When I was thinking about going to IUPUI, since I wasnít living on campus, and I was just living at home, I felt like, you know, I might have not the full college experience, but I feel like the band has kind of replaced that, and added to the college experience.

[M. Stewart] Every year, the IUPUI Alumni Council and the Student Organization for Alumni Relations recognize the schoolís top 100 juniors and seniors. Nominations are now open for the Top 100 students and are due by February 3rd. To place your nomination visit,

In an effort to benefit Indianaís abused and neglected children, Herron School of Art and Design Students participated in a fundraiser called, Chairish the Children. News reporter Capri Copp has the details.

[C. Copp] Iím here at the Indianapolis Artsgarden at the Circle Center Mall in downtown Indianapolis, where several people have purchased tickets for twenty-five dollars for this silent auction.

Tonightís featured item? Childrenís chairs, transformed into works of art by IUPUIís Herron School of Art and Design students.

[A. Pintar] Well, this is a project for Herron, where we just really are giving back to the community. The Villages is such a worthy organization, and theyíre such great people to work with on an individual basis. Theyíre so wonderful, and they really believe in the work that they do. So, itís a lot of fun to work with them, and I think everyone has a soft spot in their heart to help children, and the little chairs are just so cute. Itís really hard to resist, so itís just a really worthy project.

[C. Copp] Proceeds will go to The Villages and Prevent Child Abuse Indiana. Iím Capri Copp; Jagtv News.

[M. Stewart] As a part of Jam the Jaguars Bus Food Drive, Circle K is looking for groups interested in building artistic sculptures out of soup cans. Team and design submissions are due November 20th, and Circle K will select the finalists. For more information, as well as an entry form, contact Kris Karol; thatís

The next home menís basketball game will be against IU East next Wednesday, November 25th at 7pm in The Jungle. Good luck, and go jags! You can track their progress at

Thatís it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

Iím Matthew Stewart, and thanks for Spotting us!

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