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[S. Sutton] Working with the Basile Center and the Herron School of Art and Design was precisely what we wanted to do. Thereís a lot of absolutely incredible fantastic art going on in the Herron School.

My name is Susan Sutton. I am the associate vice chancellor for international affairs at IUPUI. Our collaboration with the Basile Center began with a dim idea on our side that we wanted to work some internationally themed art into our activities. And so, we approached the Basile Center, and the Basile Center worked with the students at the Herron School of Art and Design to do precisely that.

We stood back while they came up with proposals that we couldnít have dreamed up in a thousand years on our side. With the proposals, included a set of internationally themed benches, which are now out in the hallway and now being used by the international students and the study abroad students who come to visit us. And also, an artistic installation of plexiglass that is called \"Cultural Transmissions\" that adorns the actual halls of the hallway, so when I walk through that space now, it is completely different from the way it was, let us say, six months ago.

When I walk in in the morning, itís like Iíve suddenly entered my world. It is an international world, and itís not a hallway anymore; it really isnít. Itís more like, as I said, an international lobby that joins the two halves of the office.

[J. Custer] The \"Cultural Transmission\" project was a hallway installation for the Office of International Affairs. My name is Jacob Custer. Iím a second year graduate student, and I am originally from Colorado.

[R. Clooney] My name is Rebecca Clooney. Iím a second year graduate student, and Iím originally from Ohio.

[J. Custer] We wanted to collaborate with each other, as well as collaborate within the community.

[R. Clooney] The process itself was fairly simple. We kind of developed a pretty basic idea, where thereís just these abstract forms. It began with collecting the submissions, so having the students do a handwritten testimony on just a sheet of computer paper. From there, we got a bender from the furniture department, and itís just a long rod thatís heated, and we basically just started setting the forms on there for a couple minutes, so it makes it nice, soft, and malleable, and we were able to just start bending them into just these real organic shapes, and it was a very intuitive process when the bending actually happened. In having the two of us to work together in order to do this, it made the project run a lot more smoothly and a lot faster.

[J. Custer] The Basile Center is just a treasure chest of opportunities basically. I mean everything that they have given to us has been practical application for our art making.

[R. Clooney] The Basile Center itself, too, is kind of like a strong support system because theyíre finding these opportunities for the students. People of the Basile Center are very supportive, and theyíre very inspired by what we do, so theyíre basically giving us that practical application and the opportunity to make art and make a living out of it.

[J. Custer] Itís a very rewarding experience to be able to work with the Basile Center.

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