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[M. Mosbey] Hi, I’m Mitch Mosbey, your host for the November 4th edition of IUPUII’s The Spot.

Each year, the Bryon B. Oberst Award recognizes a pediatrician who has made outstanding contributions in the use of health information technology and pediatrics. This year the national award went to Dr. Stephen Downs, an associate professor of pediatrics at the IU School of Medicine and physician at Riley Hospital for children.

The Miss Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant has been a more than 30 year tradition for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. The Spot spoke with Sigma Phi Chapter President, Courtney Robertson for the details.

[C. Robinson] It was originally started because our fraternity saw a need to present women in a different light. It started in the mid 1970’s on a national level, and it’s kind of become a major event for us. So again the entire purpose is to present women in a different light, to show that there’s more to a woman than just beauty, looks, and a body; that they have brains and also to help aid young women in their journey throughout college.

Each winner, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, each receive a scholarship from the chapter. Those scholarships range from $200 to $500. Last year’s winner was Miss Frances Raines.

There’ll actually be two different forms of entertainment; one form of entertainment will be a Greek roll call, so it will be for any Greek lettered organizations that are present, sorority or fraternity to kind of represent the organization, so they’ll have a minute, they’ll pretty much get a chance to pick whatever song they want to kind of do a stroller line to dance to. And then, we’re also planning to have some other members of the chapter step.

Tickets are actually free for all IUPUI students, so that includes grad and undergrad, and then for faculty and staff and any other person they can purchase tickets in advance for $7 from any member of the fraternity and they can actually contact us at, and for students to pick up their tickets, they can pick them up in campus and community life, which is located on the 3rd floor of the campus center until Friday, November 6th.

[M. Mosbey] This year’s common theme book is “Deep Economy”, and author, Bill McKibben will speak to IUPUI students on Monday, November 9th in the Campus Center, room 450 at 4:30pm, and on Tuesday, November 10th, at 1030am, he will hold a discussion panel at the Indiana State Museum. For more details visit,

Are you a continuing student tired of ’just scraping by’? Then, apply for continuing students scholarships. The applications are now available for the 2010-2011 academic year. Pick up your application today at the scholarship office, located on the first floor of Cavanaugh Hall.

Tired of waiting in line for a computer? Wait no longer!! The Multimedia Production Center now has free laptops available for checkout. Nathan Mugg has the details.

[N. Mugg] UITS and the Multimedia Production Center have partnered up to offer student organizations that are registered with CCL laptops like this one for student use. Students can check out the laptops for a period of about two hours.

All you need to check them out is a student ID. You come in and you fill out a short little form, write down your student ID number off your JagTag, and then, you can take the laptop with you for meetings, an event that you have, anything related to your organization.

In addition to the laptops, UITS is also given the MPC the ability to print off their homework just like you would in University Library and use your free prints that you have on your JagTag.

[M. Mosbey] Do you know an IUPUI student who deserves recognition for being an excellent leader? Lead IUPUI wants to give you a chance to nominate your fellow peers as an ‘amazing jaguar’ due to their leadership. Nominate your ‘amazing jaguar’ at

This week in sports, the women’s volleyball team will play host to IPFW on Friday, November 6th at 7pm in The Jungle, and the men’s basketball team will have an exhibition game against St. Joseph on Saturday, November 7th at 2pm also in The Jungle. Good luck, and go Jags!! You can track their progress at

That’s it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

I’m Mitch Mosbey, and thanks for Spotting us!

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