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[T.Faiola] About a year ago, I told my staff and those working with me especially in the area of strategic planning that we needed to have a website that could really reach potential students and their parents.

The website we had before that we had been using for at least 8-9 years. It was very much outdated, content was outdated, it was not warm, and the design was not really up to where it should be. So we put together a team of 3 designers and we went about creating the site.

One of the goals was to be able to reach out with a very warm message to students and parents, and make the site much cleaner and easier to access information. I should make a point that because that’s what we do here, we do not only web development but we understand usability issues concerning making sites attractive and useable and functional, so we did a lot of focus groups before we actually developed the site.

We had focused groups with international students, undergraduates, gradates, and faculty, so we could gather the proper information to see really what was the need, and what kinds of things were they looking for, what were the priorities for them for the site. And after a lot of collecting of all this information, we put together a team, and we began to design kind of a structure of the site should be built.

But one of the strategies was to not only have a very good design that was attractive and warm, but a key factor was using video. So the website has at least 40-50 videos of student, staff, faculty, alumni, all talking about the program in a very positive way. If they\'re a student they talk about their experience in the programs, various programs, as well as, interaction with other students and the faculty.

I would just encourage those who go to the website to really look at the programs, how the site is structured and to really listen to the videos. Because we put a lot of time in allowing all the different categories of persons to kind of express how they feel about the program. We ask specific questions, and were thinking that especially in this “youtube” world of video, this would be a very strong way to reach and touch people’s emotions and feeling about the program. Not just be kind of a dump of information, but allow the faculty, staff, and alumni to have a voice.

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