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[A. Hart] Hi, I‚m Amanda Hart, your host for the October 28 edition of IUPUI‚s The Spot.

As of September 15, Federal Stimulus money awarded to Indiana University totals thirty-one point nine-million dollars! And sixty-six percent of that total was awarded to our Indianapolis campus. Out of all the grants, IUPUI‚s Dr. Janice Blum received the largest grant totaling just over three-million dollars. For more updates visit

IUPUI students danced the night away to support Riley Hospital for Children. News reporter Shawna Woodall has more information.

[S. Woodall] I‚m here at the Campus Center where over 120 students fill the dance floor to raise 15-thousand dollars for Riley Hospital.

Formerly known as Dance Marathon, this makes Jagathon‚s ninth year. Students stay on their feet all night long in honor of those children who cannot. Each participant is encouraged to raise one-hundred dollars. All of the donations go to help families like these.

[J. Lesh] My daughter Riley was born fifteen weeks premature. And while we were at riley we found out that some really important research had been done. And that research is funded through events throughout the state like the Jagathon and dance marathons.

[S. Woodall] Throughout the night, dancers have plenty to keep them busy.

Jagathon organizers say you can still make donations by visiting their Web site at

Reporting from the Campus Center, I‚m Shawna Woodall, JAGtv News.

[A. Hart] Undergraduate Student Government is here to serve you! If you have an issue, a suggestion, or are passionate about this campus, you can attend one of USG‚s meetings on October 30, November 13, or November 20. You can also visit during office hours, make an appointment, or check out their Web site at

This week in Student Voices we asked what one thing you would like to see or to improve on our campus. Here‚s what you had to say.

[B. Killian] I would like to see improved on the IUPUI campus is student media. I think there should be a better outlet to find out about events and just news worthy things that are happening on campus that students can find quickly and efficiently.

[E. Howell] I would like there to be more of a campus community life. It doesn‚t seem like there‚s much going on on campus.

[J. Viera] What I would like to see improved at IUPUI is the student engagement. I think the campus would be a lot more enjoyable if students supported each other‚s activities and events and things like that. I think it would be a lot more enjoyable for all of the students and the student groups on campus.

[K. Forbes] What I would like to see improved at IUPUI would be the food selection. I think that it‚s kind of inconvenient that there‚s really only one place to get food, and then there‚s only like three options because two of them close at like twelve o‚clock, and I would just like to see like more food options and like have it available throughout campus rather than just at the campus center.

[A. Hart] The Jaguars play four games at Conseco Fieldhouse this basketball season, and these tickets are free for students. You can pick up your free tickets at Conseco on the night of their first game at five pm on Monday, November 2. Good luck, and go Jags!

That‚s it for The Spot this week. Be sure to tune in next Wednesday for the latest campus news and student activities at

I‚m Amanda Hart, and thanks for Spotting us!

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