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[M. Meyer]: There are 4 health professional schools on campus at IUPUI. The Medical School, something like the second largest in the country, the dental school, one of the nationís top 10, the nursing school, one of the largest in the country, and the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. There are also four hospitals. Riley Hospital for Children has a reputation of providing the highest level of care for kids. The Richard Roudebush VA hospital is here as well. And this is Indiana University hospital, which includes the IU Cancer Center. Itís widely recognized as a leader in cancer care. This is the Van Nuys medical science building. Med school classes and research happen here. What kind of research? This kind! DNA and the human genome, interpreted here by David Chihuley, world renowned glass artist. The DNA structure, ya know, the double helix, was first discovered by IU grad James Watson and his colleague Francis Crick. Well the next Watson and Crick might be right here, largely due to something called INGEN. INGEN is the single largest grant ever received in IUís history and was given to medical sciences here at IUPUI to help study genomics and proteomics and start a massive research project aimed to help researchers understand the human genome. WOW!

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