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[A. Adkins]: My name is Ashlee Adkins and Iím majoring in public affairs. I plan on using this degree to go into a counseling field to help those with disabilities. Because Iím in a wheelchair I was very worried about accessibility issues on campus because itís such a large campus. IUPUI is very wheelchair friendly and they have wonderful parking for students that need disability parking. I love being at IUPUI; you get not only the excellent education experience, but you also get to meet a variety of different people. I started out in a major and decided to change my freshmen year and was worried about credits not transferring, having to take longer classes and things like that. But my academic advisor was very helpful. She helped me transfer all my credits over and I didnít lose any time in my schooling. I interned at Adaptive Educational Services, which is the office on campus that helps students with disabilities. The UITS lab on campus offers a lot of adaptive technology for students with disabilities. Any type of disability that you have that you need different technology for, theyíll have it here at the lab. IUPUIís given me a great deal of confidence and let me believe that I can go out and do anything I want now.

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