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[M. Yong]: When youíre here in downtown Indianapolis, there are a lot of community resources. The business community is right there for you to go out and meet people; make business connections and meet companies that will give you opportunities, internships, even jobs after that. My name is Mien Dee Yong, Iím from Asia, I have two brothers, and both of them came to IUPUI. We have on-campus housing and we also have an international on-campus house, called the iHouse. Thereís also a lot of apartments; they have easy access to school as well.

I currently work with Springmill Venture partners, they are a venture capital firm, and they are based here in Indianapolis. I landed this opportunity through the Kelley School of Business. Many universities donít have this opportunity to have many different strings of schools on one campus. We have a good engineering school; we have a good medical school and the Kelley School of Business. Itís a strength of many school but all combined into one campus.

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