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[B. Kovac] I\'ve been racing for about three years. Before that I did the Little 500 at IU for a couple of years just starting just having fun, and then the second two years I was there pretty seriously then started racing over the summer after that.

There\'s several different cycling seasons, and for collegiate I ride for IU, but then in the summer I ride for Texas Roadhouse, and we\'re also sponsored by Roorke is our bike sponsor. They\'re a custom bike manufacturer out of Brownsburg, Indiana. It definitely throws a couple different dynamics in.

The collegiate\'s a little more... Amateur racing it\'s fun to watch people develop and help them out, then you go into the summer racing, which can be anything from a local laid back race to super competitive, national championship races that have 85 or 100 people in them. It\'s a blast. We have a good time. We\'re racing most weekends both days and with the track, it\'s on friday night, too. So, I\'m racing 2 to 3 to 5 times a week. It\'s fun. Intense but fun.

The 2006 Collegiate National Championships on the velodrome were held at Major Taylor Velodrome just up the road this year. I think we had over 30 schools from across the nation come. It\'s a little bit smaller than the Road Nationals just because people are limited by whether or not they have a velodrome in their state.

There were a ton of people in the velodrome. It was lit up with tents and fans and spectators. I actually ended up winning two gold medals: one in the individual pursuit and then the team sprint which was great. It was three lap race with two other... with three people. Each person leads one lap and then pulls off. That was just a lot of fun to win because my team was super strong, and it was good to have unity come together and we had a great time: one of the fastest times in the past few years, so it was awesome.

I\'m from just north of Indianapolis in Zionsville. This seemed like to be the perfect transition from undergraduate to grad school in a city where I wanted to practice and would have connections to all of the big firms around here, plus it has a good reputation. Pretty much everything about it. Convenience as far as location, as far as potential job opportunities, and then knowing that it was a good school.

I plan on practicing litigation with the firm Bingham McHale up the street.

It makes a huge difference because so much of what we learn is theoretical. When you get somebody we had the CEO of Geidon come into my mergers and acquisitions class right as they were merging, so you see how the law actually applies to the real world. There\'s so much theoretical and learning how to learn that it\'s nice to have... bring us back to home base and have a little reality thrown in.

I\'ve found that the busier that i am, the more focused I am, the more disciplined I am. If I only have a minimal amount of time to get things done, I\'ll actually get them done as opposed to procrastinating. It does help me a lot if I know that I have this sort of ride and do my homework, it helps you balance a little bit.

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