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College 101

Professor Drew Appleby has taught first-year students for over 30 years and has received many national awards for his teaching, advising, and mentoring. His tips have helped numerous students transition from high school to college and succeed in the classroom.

General Tips from Dr. Drew Appleby

  • If your son or daughter must work, see if it is possible for them to work on campus.
  • Tell them to take orientation and their learning community class very seriously.
  • Help them see the relevance of what they are doing in school so they don’t take classes just to “get them out of the way.”
  • Encourage them to make friends with the other students in their classes and to form study groups with them.
  • Suggest that they get involved in at least one student club or activity.
  • Tell them to take advantage of service learning and internships.
  • Encourage them to seek the advice of successful upperclassmen.
  • Suggest that they get to know the librarian in their learning community.
  • Give them any help you can that will enable them to learn how to manage their time (e.g., tell them parking will be a challenge if they wait until the last minute to drive to class).
  • Encourage them not to be PCP (Parking Lot > Classroom > Parking Lot) students. The time they spend time on campus will be a sound investment in their academic success.

Some bright students get though high school successfully by simply showing up. However, they often reach a point where just showing up stops working, and they actually have to put forth serious effort to perform well. If they have never had to study before, they may not know how. If you suspect this might be the case for your son or daughter, then my suggestion is that you gently—but persuasively—suggest that he or she should become familiar with the many support services that IUPUI has to offer and use these support services if and when the need arises.

The Differences Between High School and College and the Importance of Student-Faculty Interaction for College Success

by Dr. Drew Appleby, IUPUI Professor of Psychology

The purpose of this presentation is to provide parents with advice about three things that can impact the collegiate success of your daughters and sons:

> Page 1: The Differences between High School and College
> Page 2: The importance of the connections students can make with faculty and staff
> Page 3: A three step strategy to facilitate student/faculty connections

> Download the PowerPoint Presentation by Dr. Appleby

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