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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

We're listening.

How helpful are your interactions with faculty? How do you spend your time on campus? How has IUPUI contributed to your academic success? We want to know. That's why we've teamed up with the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)—to ensure that your voice is heard and that we make the IUPUI experience exceptional.

Your college experience matters—to you, and to us. You have the power to make it better, so why not use it? Students' opinions from the NSSE survey have brought about big changes at IUPUI, which include:

  • More Themed Learning Communities (TLCs): African-American Perspectives, Crime in America, Health and Wellness, as well as TLCs for prospective engineering and business majors.
  • The integration of diversity-related themes into the curriculum for Summer Bridge and First-Year Seminar courses through the University College.

What is NSSE?

The National Survey for Student Engagement (NSSE) has been the voice of more than 2 million college students at nearly 1,400 colleges since its inception a little more than a decade ago. Giving students a chance to rate their colleges has created a major shift in student satisfaction and engagement. More internship and service-learning opportunities, better ways to work on capstone and class projects, a curriculum that represents broad perspectives—these are just some of the kinds of improvements students like you have made by taking the NSSE survey.

When can I take the NSSE survey?

If you're a first-year or senior student, you'll receive an email from Chancellor Bantz on February 14 that includes a link to your personal NSSE survey. Be on the lookout for your email, follow the link to your survey, and make your mark on the IUPUI experience.