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Elee Wood

Elee Wood

IU School of Liberal Arts / IU School of Education
January 2008

Building bridges has become a way of life for Elee Wood - bridges between IUPUI schools (she works for both Liberal Arts and Education), between the campus and the community (she is one of IUPUI's heralded public scholars, linking IUPUI with the Indianapolis Children's Museum, and connecting - or reconnecting - students of all ages with the excitement and wonder of learning about the world around us.

As the bridge between IUPUI students and the Children's Museum, Wood uses the exhibits to teach education students how to incorporate museum learning into school curricula, capturing the excitement of discovery and using it to energize Indiana's younger students when they become teachers with classrooms of their own.

Her work helps liberal arts enhance its museum studies program, providing those students with real-world experiences. And Wood's work gives the Children's Museum practical access to new ideas, novel approaches and innovative practices in the field of interactive learning.

Wood is one of the trailblazers involved in IUPUI's one-year-old TRIP program, short for "turning research into practice." The TRIP initiative is an effort to take the knowledge and creativity of IUPUI students, faculty and researchers out of the laboratory and into the community.

Wood, a Minnesota native who volunteers with the Boys and Girls Club of Indianapolis, is used to working "between worlds," but doesn't mind it a bit. "That's often where the magic happens, where the excitement comes!

When people work across disciplines, you see the world differently, connect in different ways."

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